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Should new dentures be loose?

I am a 58 year old male. I want to know if new dentures should be loose?

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Upper dentures can usually be made to fit tight, but lower plates just fit in your mouth with no suction to hold them in place. Sometimes adhesives have to be used to make them stable.
Great question. Dentures may be loose for multiple reasons. The amount of bone level a person has affects the fit. The more bone you have, the better the fit will be. Another reason they may fit loosely is sometimes there was a recent extraction and the tissue was swollen when they were made. When the swelling shrinks, the dentures fit loosely. If your new dentures are loose, you may need to have them relined. Return to the dentist who made them and inform them.

Dana Truesdale, DDS

The obvious answer is no...
However, if so, do you have adequate Jaw bone to support a denture? Also, is it the lower denture or upper? If lower, the mandible is void of any stability unlike the upper jaw, which has a biological seal which gives the stability or suction. The lower denture will always be loose and thus we recommend implants in conjunction with the lower denture. If the jaw bone is deficient, dentures will lack the support. Implants will enhance their stability. If your jaw bone is good and the teeth extractions were done 3 + months ago, but dentures are still loose, have the denturist and/or dentist do a reline, but make sure the bite and esthetics are good.
Hope this helps!
No. Upper dentures should not be. Lower dentures might be depending on what the bone is like.