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Skin issues?

I'm having skin issues under my chin and throat. Every time I shave it started growing like a boil or something. Is there any chemical to permanently remove these diseases?

Male | 20 years old
Complaint duration: 12/5/2002
Medications: no
Conditions: skin diseases

3 Answers

The bumps might be caused by warts. Best to visit a local dermatologist for evaluation and removal.

Hi! This sounds like ingrown hair problems + bacterial superinfection. You should go see your local dermatologist for treatment of infection and recommendations on prevention. Try stopping shaving permanently or temporarily & just trimming beard, not too close to skin. You can wash the beard area with benzoyl peroxide wash (acne wash). There are chemical depilatories available over-the-counter to remove hair, but they often don't work well and can cause contact dermatitis/rash so need to be careful.
These look like warts. See a dermatologist for treatment.