Ear-Nose and Throat Doctor (ENT) Questions Nasal Polyps

Son has nasal polyps. What's the best way to get rid of them?

My son gets nasal polyps frequently, and this is because of his allergies. His pediatrician checked for cystic fibrosis but he doesn't have that at all. Because he gets them so frequently, are there ways to get rid of them naturally?

4 Answers

You should visit an Otorhinolaryngologist and get a second opinion, particularly if the child has nocturnal breathing difficulties. In some cases, the removal of certain polyps can be very helpful in resolving the obstruction. If it is provoked by allergies (chronic rhinitis), you may want to visit as well a pediatrics allergy specialist to perform specific test. Again, discuss this with your primary care physician.
Allergy testing is indicated to determine what he is allergic or sensitive to. Avoidance of allergens is best. Desensitization injections or sublingual therapy may help. Prednisone bursts indicated if severe airway blockage or frequent sinus infections. Flonase or other topical nasal corticosteroid spray for maintenance. Surgery is last resort. Not curative. Long term disorder
Unfortunately, there is no natural remedy for polyps. Assuming all the testing was done, your doctor may try some oral steroids and nasal steroids, but if they do not shrink or disappear, he will require sinus surgery. This is very safe, but it does have a chance of reoccurrence.
Is he taking allergy nose spray and possibly allergy shots? If they become obstructive, they may have to be surgically removed.