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Is there a cure for sugar cravings?

My daughter craves sugary treats, typically at night time. Is there a cure for this? What can we do to help her?

What medicines are administered to treat drug addiction?

What class of medicines are administered for treating drug addiction in people?

Will my anti depressants hamper my rehabilitation?

I am trying to quit smoking however I am also taking anti-depressants. Will taking these anti-depressants worsen my smoking problem?

I think masturbation is ruining my relationship. What do I do?

Lately I haven't felt sexually attracted to my girlfriend, but I am still interested in frequently masturbating. I don't know where this is coming from or why I don't feel attracted...

Can cough syrups be an addiction?

My husband drinks cough syrup every night before sleeping, even when he doesn't have a cough. He says that it helps him sleep, because it's PM, but I'm not sure how healthy this...

My brother has an habit of eating ice cubes. Is it normal?

My brother is 17 years old and has started to eat ice cubes. It's a little strange, in my opinion, because he does it so often. Is this normal?

What side effects should I expect from medications for my addictions?

I went to an addictive specialist for my addiction to smoking about a week ago. When we were discussing treatment options, she suggested for me to take medication. Could this...

How long will I have to be on medication to avoid my withdrawal symptoms?

I was addicted to drugs and I took up rehabilitation. I am feeling great, however I am still on medication to fight withdrawal symptoms. How long will I have to be on medication...

How do patches work for treating drug addiction?

My cousin is addicted to opioids. In the hospital, they actually gave her a patch to help her. What are the patches used on patients suffering from drug addiction? How do they...

Can I get addicted to drugs that are intended to heal drug addiction?

I was on drugs and am now currently undergoing rehabilitation. Are there chances that I could get addicted to the medicines prescribed to get rid of my drug addiction?

How long should I be on nicotine patches to quit smoking?

I am trying to quit smoking and the doctor has advised me to be on nicotine patches. How long will I have to use them to completely get rid of this habit?

My husband is quitting smoking and is complaining of anxiety and hot flushes. Is it normal?

My husband is 43 years old and is trying to quit smoking. However, he has recently been complaining of anxiety and hot flushes. Is this normal?

When is someone considered "addicted"?

I feel like addiction is used too often and loosely. Medically, when is someone really considered addicted to something?

Can a family physician give me medication for my alcohol addiction?

I am addicted to drinking alcohol and I want to now get rid of the habit. Can a family physician prescribe me the necessary medication?

Are there medicines give to treat drug addiction?

My son has a drug addiction and we are trying to get him into a rehab. Are there medicines that will be given to get him off the habit?

My husband is just not able to give up drinking. What should we do?

My husband used to drink every day until our daughter was born, then he went to a rehab and gave up drinking. But now slowly with social drinking he is back to drinking every...

Do cigarette quitting tablets really work?

I am planning to quit smoking and considering opting for nicotex gum. Does it really work?

Are there any medicines to treat addictive tendencies?

My husband is a recovering alcoholic. Are there any medications he can take that could suppress any urge? He's been avoiding social functions but I think this is making him sad....

What are the side effects of e-cigarettes?

My husband is a chain smoker and his doctor has now recommended e-cigarettes to start his weaning process. The intent, hopefully, is for him to eventually be off any sort of smoking...

Depression and Alcohol..Chicken or the egg?

I have been dealing with an alcohol addiction for many years now. I am a 54 year old married man with a great life. . good job, healthy kids and a wonderful wife. Since I was...

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