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My daughter has hives whenever she's exposed to certain dogs. Does this means she's allergic?

My father has a german shepherd and whenever the dog licks her, she has hives only in that area. There are a few other dogs that this happens with. Does this mean she's allergic...

Is Chyawanprash helpful in building immunity of the little ones?

Can I give my son chyawanprash everyday to help build his immunity?

What causes early morning stuffiness for my child?

Every morning my daughter wakes up with a stuffy nose and really struggles to breathe. What could be causing this?

Are there any natural remedies to treat a poison ivy reaction?

My daughter has a rash from being exposed to poison ivy since it's in our backyard. We try to keep her away from it, but she keeps going back there and getting the same rash....

How effective are lactase enzyme tablets for children?

My son is 5 years and is suffering from lactose intolerance. I recently came across lactase enzyme tablets for people suffering from lactose intolerance. I heard it being effective...

Is my child's hyperactivity due to Claritin?

My 5 year old child has had a cold for two weeks. I took her to the pediatrician who said it was allergies and told me to give her Claritin once a day in the morning. I have...

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