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What does terminal sedation mean?

My aunt is in hospice after a surgical complication, and my mom is talking about giving the hospice center permission for terminal sedation. What does this mean?

What's the point of palliative sedation?

My aunt, who was in hospice before she died, was sedated--I'm just wondering about the reason for sedating someone in hospice care? Is it just for pain, so they wouldn't suffer...

Why are older people more sensitive to anesthesia?

My grandmother's doctor is really concerned that her anesthesia will cause several issues for her after surgery. Like memory loss, confusion, etc. She does have issues with memory...

Are people sedated in end-of-life care?

When people are in hospice or palliative care are they typically sedated? Would they feel anything pain-wise?

What type of anesthesia is used for pediatric patients?

My child needs to have 3 fillings done in his next dentist appointment and the dentist would like to use anesthesia for it so that he doesn't feel anything. What type of anesthesia...

Can anesthesia in elderly patients cause excessive sleep?

Can anesthesia given to an elderly patient who is 78 years old cause excessive sleeping?

Is it true that anesthesia for obese people is riskier?

Is it true that anesthesia given to obese people is riskier than normal people?

Is anesthesia needed for a fistula procedure?

My mother needs to have a procedure for her fistula. Will she require anesthesia for this? If so, what kind would it be? She's also over 70 years old.

How well does local anesthesia work?

My grandmother has to get surgery on her leg and her anesthesiologist wants to use local anesthesia during the procedure. How well does it usually work to subdue the pain? Will...

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