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Will I experience numbness after surgery?

I have a surgery scheduled for Friday, and I'm wondering if it would be possible to experience numbness throughout my body after the surgery is done. Is it possible to have numbness...

Is general anesthesia sometimes used for wisdom tooth extractions?

I have to get my wisdom teeth removed, and I'm a little nervous for the procedure. Do these procedures sometimes need general anesthesia?

Is morphine used after surgery to help with post-op pain?

I have a surgery scheduled for the beginning of the month, and I'm a little scared about the pain after the surgery. It's happening in the hospital and not in an outpatient facility....

What type of anesthesia is used for pediatric patients?

My child needs to have 3 fillings done in his next dentist appointment and the dentist would like to use anesthesia for it so that he doesn't feel anything. What type of anesthesia...

Having a section of colon removed. What is the recovery time for this?

Due to IBS problems, I am having a section of my colon removed. About how long will I be under anesthesia for this procedure, and what is the general recovery time? Also, will...

Will fasting and anesthesia lead to any complications in my surgery?

I am a diabetes patient and can't stay hungry for too long. I have a surgery tomorrow, and obviously, I'm a little worried. Will anesthesia and fasting cause any complications...

Is it true that anesthesia for obese people is riskier?

Is it true that anesthesia given to obese people is riskier than normal people?

Will anesthesia also reduce my post operative pain?

Will the anesthesia given during my operation also help to reduce my post-op pain?

Are there any food restrictions after anesthesia?

Will I have to maintain any food restrictions after receiving anesthesia?

Can anesthesia cause a fever spike?

My wife just delivered a baby girl through a C-section procedure. However, she now has fever. Could it be triggered due to the anesthesia?

How well does local anesthesia work?

My grandmother has to get surgery on her leg and her anesthesiologist wants to use local anesthesia during the procedure. How well does it usually work to subdue the pain? Will...

I'm having surgery in a couple of weeks to realign my teeth. How long will I be under general anesthesia and are there side effects?

My badly misaligned teeth are being surgically repaired in a couple of weeks. About how long will I be under general anesthesia and will there be side effects from the anesthesia?...

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