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Would an absent father affect my daughter's mental health?

Since we separated, my daughter's father has been in and out of her life. Sometimes, he'll be around for a while, other times he'll disappear for months at a time--not even call...

Aggressive and Defiant Behavior

Is it common for a 4 year old child diagnosed with ASD and ADHD to be sometimes aggressive (hit, pinch, slap, kicks when upset) and defiant (screams and back talking) toward his...

Bad behavior?

Why does my son have rude or bad behavior when he sees new people greeting me?

Are there symptoms to recognize depression in a teenager?

My daughter is 14 years old and I am seeing a lot of change in her behavior. She remains cut off and aloof. Are these signs of depression? What are the clinical symptoms of...

Meltdowns Behaviour

My 5 year old has just started in year 1, he is good in school, behind in some things, but at home he still has meltdowns & if we're out sometimes runs off in a meltdown but hasn't...

non verbal two year old

hi, My son is non verbal and he is 34 months. He makes alot of phonic sounds but not producing any meaningful words. His understanding has improved loads and he communicates...

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