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Is a chiropractic consultation needed after a sports injury?

I am a 25 year old basketball player. I hurt my back during practice and am scheduled to see a chiropractor. What will he do to help me?

Persistent pain in neck. Should I visit a doctor?

I'm 30 years old, and I've had persistent pain in my neck for over a month now after a car accident. If I visit a doctor for this, how would they treat it?

Why do I have lower back pains?

I've been having bad back pain and it is very painful to sit straight. Could this possibly be due to my posture? What could cause this pain?

I have sudden severe hip pain. What should I do?

From last week I've had severe pain that stretches up to my left hip, and the pain worsens when I'm sitting upright. Any advice?

Can chiropractors prescribe medications?

I'm going to a chiropractor for back pain, but the pain is so bad--I don't really feel like it's working. I would like to try having chiropractic care alongside medications, like...

Back injury at a fall in workplace. What should I do now?

I fell over spilled coffee at work. At first, I didn't say anything because I felt okay for the rest of the day, but now my back is just killing me. What should I do now? Should...

Foot pain from tennis. What can a chiropractor do to help?

I play tennis a lot and I have severe foot pain, mainly in my heel. I wanted to know if a chiropractor can actually help relieve this pain so I can continue playing. If they...

I have severe whiplash from work. What is the treatment?

I pick up a lot of heavy objects at work, and after a slight incident last week--I won't go into too many details--I experienced severe whiplash in my neck and now I have to get...

Does scoliosis correct itself?

My daughter's school nurse found that she had a curve in her spine, which could be due to scoliosis. We made an appointment with our primary physician to have an official diagnosis....

I hurt my back at work. What next?

I hurt my back on the job and was advised to see a chiropractor who is also an independent medical examiner. What can I expect during my exam with the medical examiner?

I am having a lot of foot pain because of my weight. What should I do?

I have a lot of pain in my feet and heels because of my body weight. It's really painful, and I'm not sure about what I can do to ease it. What do you recommend?

Can chiropractors diagnose back conditions?

I have lower back pain and my doctor couldn't really find what was causing it. Can chiropractors help diagnose conditions, or do I need to get referred to one first?

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