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How can chiropractors help my son's ADHD?

My son has ADHD, and is taking Adderall to treat it--but while it works, I'd rather him try some alternative therapies alongside of it. My friend actually suggested taking him...

Why a chiropractor for my daughter's constipation?

My daughter has been suffering from chronic constipation, and we'd much rather try a natural treatment rather than something pharmaceutical. Her pediatrician suggested taking...

Can my son's sleep patterns improve with chiropractic care?

My son's been having issues sleeping lately. It's almost like insomnia, actually. He would go to sleep at really late times, and have trouble sleeping at that, but take naps...

Can a chiropractor help me with my child's GERD?

My child is 3-years-old, and has issues with acid reflux. The doctor has given us some recommendations to help her, but I'm mostly interested in chiropractic care for her. My...

What is an adjustment like for a child?

I'm thinking about taking my daughter to get her back adjusted because she does a lot of sports and has some pain in her lower back. She's only 12-years-old, but I think an adjustment...

Does scoliosis correct itself?

My daughter's school nurse found that she had a curve in her spine, which could be due to scoliosis. We made an appointment with our primary physician to have an official diagnosis....

Can my son benefit from massage therapy if he plays sports?

My son's in wrestling and he often gets back pain and injured while on the mat. Can massage therapy help him get some relief?

At what age is an adjustment safe for children?

My child has severe back pain, and she's just 13 years old. I think she needs an adjustment, but is she too young?

My son has awful shoulder pain. How can I help him?

My 9 year old son loves to play basketball but lately he's been complaining of shoulder pain (both shoulders) that keeps him indoors more than outdoors. The pediatrician took...

My son hurt his back in a football game. Is surgery or chiropractic care best for him?

My 15 year old son is in intense pain after having his back injured during a football game. Xrays show he has a few badly herniated discs. I want him to feel better again but...

Are oil massages safe for babies?

Is it safe to do oil massages for babies?

How young is too young for chiropractic care?

My son has really bad back pain because of how he sleeps. We would like to get him a new bed to help, but until then, should we consider getting him to a chiropractor? He's just...

My son hurt his back and needs to undergo surgery. Will it affect his future life?

My son whose 14 years old had a nasty fall and hurt his back. He needs to undergo surgery to fix his spine. Will he be able to fully recover?

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