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Do kids with lactose intolerance have weak teeth?

My son is 7 years old and is lactose intolerant. Will the calcium deficiency impact his teeth in the long run? Is there anything we can do?

What are the chances that the spaces in my daughter's teeth will recur when her permanent teeth grow in?

My daughter is currently 4 years old and she has evident spaces in her frontal teeth. I understand that currently she only has baby teeth. But what are the chances that these...

Can calcium deficiency impact teeth?

My son is lactose intolerant and I have been unable to feed him milk. His teeth as a result are not very strong. Can calcium deficiency impact the health of teeth?

The dentist has recommended my son’s tooth extraction. Is it the right way to go?

My son is 4. 5 years old. His front two teeth have cavities. According to the doctor we will have to extract his front two teeth. Is it the right way to go or is there another...

When should a child start brushing his own teeth?

My son is 5 years old and I still help him brush his teeth. He doesn't like doing it himself, but I don't want him to rely on me for too long. What should I do?

Biting down on side of cheek when eating

In the last month, every time I eat- my left teeth/molars are biting down on my cheek causing me to bleed and it is very painful. I am 26, I had braces when I was younger and...

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