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What's the best way to get rid of phlegm?

Every morning I wake up with phlegm in my throat. It's not really because I'm sick since I'm not feeling any congestion, or anything like that. Normally, I spit it out, but there...

Son has nasal polyps. What's the best way to get rid of them?

My son gets nasal polyps frequently, and this is because of his allergies. His pediatrician checked for cystic fibrosis but he doesn't have that at all. Because he gets them...

Can acid reflux cause issues in my throat?

I've been having issues with acid reflux for a majority of my adult life. I think it's because of my diet more so than anything else. Normally, I would take a tum or some other...

Is it easy to misdiagnose strep throat as tonsillitis?

My son had strep throat, and is now being treated for it. However, before he was diagnosed by his pediatrician as having tonsillitis, which I feel is a long shot because you usually...

My son has frequent nose bleeds. What should I do?

My son has a nose bleed at least once or twice a week, and this mainly happens during the weather. Right now, we pretty much deal with it because it's a seasonal thing, but there...

Difficulty swallowing

I am a heavy smoker, have had a sore throat for 2 weeks, and have had difficulty swallowing at times. I also suffer from GERD. Should I see a specialist? My doctor doesn't seem...

What could be the reason for my "hazy" hearing?

I feel like my hearing is becoming very hazy. Voices and noises that are near to me seem like they are coming from a distance. What could be the reason for this?

What medicine can I take to prevent ear pain during a flight?

I have a cold and I am worried I will end up with ear pain during my long plane flight. What medicine can I take to prevent ear pain while flying?

I feel like my nose is crooked even though it seems straight. Why is this?

It's hard to explain, but I have a feeling that my nose is crooked (I literally feel that it's crooked), even though when I look in the mirror it appears rather straight. Where...

How do I know if my son needs his tonsil removed?

My son gets sore throats constantly, and sometimes it seems like his tonsils also get inflamed. How do I know if he needs his tonsils removed? Do doctors do any tests to see?...

My daughter has a lot of wax in her ears. How can we clean them?

My daughter is 4 years old and has a lot of wax in her ears. I was told by mother not to use Q-tips to clean them because they may actually harm her. What should I use to clean...

Does hyoid suspension surgery help sleep apnea?

I have very severe sleep apnea. I suffer from apneas over 90 times a hour. Does Hyoid suspension surgery really help? If not what other surgeries are there? I underwent a procedure...

Why do I keep getting repeated ear infections?

I have a problem with repeated ear infections. What could be causing this problem for me -- and is there a good home ready to help give me relief when the infections occur?

I wake up everyday morning with my nose all stuffy, Why is this?

Every single morning when I wake up, my nose feels extremely stuffy. What's going on and how do I treat this?

I keep getting blockages in my nostrils. Would I need surgery?

I frequently have nasal blockages. They usually settle on their own, but my doctors says that I may need surgery if they keep happening. Would I really need surgery?

How is swimmer's ears treated?

I am into swimming and keep getting ear infections due to swimmer's ear problems. What can I do to prevent this from recurring?

Can anesthesia cause laryngospasm?

Can anesthesia put me at a risk of laryngospasm?

For a bronchoscopy, will I need anesthesia?

I need to have a bronchoscopy, will I be given anesthesia for it?

Is this a normal feeling?

Is it normal to have something in the side of your throat, like a hole? It's your skin, but it has a deep hole and it's like a centimeter or something. Sorry I'm bad at explaining,...

Are there any complications in endoscopic sinus surgery?

I have been suffering from chronic sinusitis for more than two years. An ENT recommended that I should have endoscopic sinus surgery, are there any risks or complications with...

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