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Is my high blood pressure responsible for my ear pain?

Every time I am under stress or when my blood pressure goes up, I get a sharp pain in my ear. Are the two connected?

I have slight pain in my throat and it seems to be a little red. Can you suggest some quick home remedy to treat my condition?

I am having a little pain and discomfort in my throat and it seems to be a little red too. Can you please suggest some quick home remedies to treat my condition?

Can ear wax buildup cause deafness?

My ears are naturally very waxy. It doesn't bother me but I don't really do anything about it. Can it cause severe problems in the long run?

How can I ease my ear pain after a flight journey?

I have terrible ear pain after my flight last night. It has still not gone away. Why is this happening? Please suggest a quick remedy.

Is it normal to feel dizzy during the winter?

I feel very dizzy during the winter season. It happens every year. Is it normal?

Can swimmer's ears cause deafness?

Is it possible for one to become deaf because of swimmer's ear? ?

Will repeatedly using earplugs put me at risk of an infection?

Can repeatedly using earplugs cause infection? How often should I change out my earplugs? They never really become physically dirty as I clean my ears often.

Can swimmer's ear get worse?

I swim a lot and get swimmer's ear twice a season or so. I really hate wearing earplugs. Is recurrent swimmer's ear bad for me?

Post-nasal drip for 2 years?

I am suffering with post nasal dripping for 2 years. Constantly mucus gets in my throat, it causes breathing problem. What's wrong?

I can hear a strange buzzing sound during particular hours of the day. What is it?

I have a weird problem. I can hear a strange buzzing sound during particular hours of the day, in the mid-afternoon. What could this sound be? Is there any reason for this to...

What is the treatment for my throat infection?

I keep getting a throat infection even when I'm taking antibiotics. Is there a different treatment that I should be doing? What does it usually mean when I have a persistent...

Could a sinus infection cause bad breath?

I usually get a sinus infection every year. I have also observed every time I am down with a sinus infection I have bad breath. Are the two connected? If so, why?

Will using mouthwash kill good bacteria in my mouth as well as bad?

If I use mouthwash too often are there chances that the good bacteria in my mouth will also be harmed?

Why do I keep getting strep throat?

I have strep for the third time this year! What could be the reason for this recurring infection?

My son blew a whistle loudly in my ear and I can still feel it ringing. Is there something really wrong?

My son was playing with a whistle and he blew it loudly in my right ear. This happened last week and I can still feel my ears ringing. Could there be an issue?

Why does my child keep getting strep?

My child gets strep twice per year. This has been happening the last 3 years and I'm really worried. Is there a serious problem?

Stinging pain inside the neck

I've been having this stinging pain inside the right side of my neck. It's feels like a needle or something is pricking me. It hurts so bad that I have to cough to ease the pain....

What are the best ways to treat a throat infection?

I see white patches in my throat and I am thinking it's an infection. Is there any way I can treat this at home?

How do ear tubes work in treating ear pain?

I would like to know how ear tubes work in treating ear pain. Also are they only recommended for kids or can it be prescribed for adults as well?

What is the best treatment for snoring?

How is snoring in an adult treated? Is it completely curable? What do you find is the most reliable and harmless treatment?

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