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My son blew a whistle loudly in my ear and I can still feel it ringing. Is there something really wrong?

My son was playing with a whistle and he blew it loudly in my right ear. This happened last week and I can still feel my ears ringing. Could there be an issue?

Stinging pain inside the neck

I've been having this stinging pain inside the right side of my neck. It's feels like a needle or something is pricking me. It hurts so bad that I have to cough to ease the pain....

What are the best ways to treat a throat infection?

I see white patches in my throat and I am thinking it's an infection. Is there any way I can treat this at home?

How do ear tubes work in treating ear pain?

I would like to know how ear tubes work in treating ear pain. Also are they only recommended for kids or can it be prescribed for adults as well?

What is the best treatment for snoring?

How is snoring in an adult treated? Is it completely curable? What do you find is the most reliable and harmless treatment?

My dad has been diagnosed with nasal polyps. Could it be serious?

My dad has recently been diagnosed with nasal polyps, which I think is the answer to his breathing issues. Could it be serious? What is often done for this?

Non-necrotic lymph nodes in aixilary

Does two non-necrotic lymph nodes in the right axillary indicates cancer?

A ball hit my ear, hard. Can this make me deaf?

The other day my kids were playing in the garden and the football hit my ears very hard. I heard a ringing in my ears, and now my hearing seems a little clouded. Can it make...

Are saline drops safe for babies?

The doctor has recommended us to get saline drops for my child. However, I'm a little reluctant to use these on my daughter. Are there any risks involved that we should be aware...

My ears feel blocked from a cold that I recently had. What should I do?

My ears feel blocked, probably because of the recent cough and cold that I had. What should I do?

What causes my tongue to become white so frequently?

The white tinge on my tongue appears is more apparent than it is on other people's tongues. What is the reason for this?

My son is feeling dizzy and the doctor says its vertigo. Is it possible for a 7 year old to have vertigo?

My son was feeling dizzy and I took him to the doctor who upon examination said he has vertigo. Is it possible for a 7 year old to have vertigo?

I have a pus boil in my ears. Can it become serious?

I have recently noticed a pus boil inside my ears, and it hurts whenever I touch it. What ointment should I put on it? Also, can this boil become serious?

Help, please. Question about laryngitis treatment.

Today I just finished a five day treatment of Azithromycin 250mg for Laryngitis. On day four my raspy voice of two weeks finally went away. Today on the final day five of the...

What is the treatment for swimmer's ears?

Are there any drops recommended for swimmer's ears. ? I often have this problem and end up trying home remedies to treat it.

What is the best way to clean ear wax in the elderly?

My mother tends to have a lot of ear wax in her ears, which causes her to not hear properly. What is the best way to clean her ear wax? She's also 71 years old.

My husband is unable to hear properly. Could it be due to wax accumulation?

My husband is complaining of slight ear pain and low hearing. Could it be due to the amount of ear wax in his ear or something serious?

I applied hot oil on my hair and a little went into my ears. Will it cause any problems?

I applied a hot oil mask on my hair yesterday and a little bit ran into my ears. I am worried since it was hot oil. Can it cause any problems in my ears?

I have severe itching inside my nose. Could it be an allergic reaction?

I have a severe itching inside my nose and it is irritating me. It doesn't go away when I blow my nose. Could it be due to an allergic reaction?

There is a white coating on my tongue and upper mouth. Could this be an infection?

I have a white coating on my tongue that doesn’t go away after cleaning. The upper part of my mouth is also turning white. Could this be an infection?

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