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What are the symptoms of a heart attack in women?

I heard that women do not have the same symptoms of a heart attack as men. And, that it's a little harder to diagnose a heart attack in women than in men. What different symptoms...

What should I do if my daughter has an asthma attack?

My daughter has asthma, and I'm worried about what would happen if she would have an asthma attack while I'm not around. What are the emergency steps for an asthma attack? How...

What are the special skills of an Emergency Physician or ER Physician?

Recently my friend was in a terrible car accident and was taken care of by an ER doctor who helped save my friend's life. It made me wonder: what is the special training that...

What is the difference between Emergency Physicians and Trauma Surgeons?

Just for my knowledge, I would like to understand that during any trauma or emergency cases, which specialists are normally attending the patient -- an emergency physician or a...

Can stroke be identified early in a person?

Are there any early signs and symptoms of a stroke?

What are the risk factors associated with a stroke?

My father had a stroke 3 months ago and is still recovering from it. What are the risk factors associated with a stroke?

How can we revive a person who passes out?

What should be the first steps to revive a person who passes out from drinking alcohol?

I took emergency contraceptive 2 days after sex. Can I still get pregnant?

I had an emergency contraceptive pill 2 days after I had sex. Can I still get me pregnant?

Constipation problem

I have had constipation for 2 weeks now. The first week I passed very little to none. The stools were pebble like. I took a laxative for 3 days at the end of that week and had...

How do I help my father if he has a heart attack?

My father has a very bad heart. He lives with me now. What can I do to help him if he has a heart attack at home, while I wait for an ambulance to come?

What is the treatment for anaphylaxis?

My son twice had anaphylaxis caused by a bee sting. What should ideally be done in such an emergency situation?

How is fluid from the lungs drained?

There is fluid accumulation in my mother's lungs that has happened all of a sudden. How is this fluid drained?

How should I prevent heat strokes?

We were vacationing in Mexico and my daughter had a heat stroke because she was dehydrated. All is fine now and she was taken care of, but what can I do to prevent this from happening...

What should be done in case of a person feels frozen?

I live in a place where there is extreme snow during the winters, to the point where we feel like we're literally frozen. What should be done for someone who feels almost too...

How are 2nd and 3rd burns treated?

How are 2nd and 3rd burns in a person treated? Do they all require a plastic surgery?

I'm curious. What are some of the most common reasons people need an emergency medicine doctor for?

What are some of the most common conditions or situations where adults or children would need an emergency medicine physician?

Appendicitis Symptoms?

Hi, can the start of appendicitis feel like a pulling/tightness feeling on your right side?

What are the first steps to take in case of stroke?

What are the first few life saving steps that should be taken in case I, or a loved one, is having a stroke?

How can I help ease my child's asthma symptoms?

My 9 year old son has sudden and severe episodes of wheezing and asthma. He can be fine for days and days, and then suddenly have an asthma attack. What can I do to help ease...

My mom has chronic kidney disease and now suffers from water retention. What should I do?

My mother, who has chronic kidney disease, is now retaining a lot of water. This water retention started a few days ago. What's the best way to rid her of this uncomfortable...

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