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What are the signs of alcohol poisoning?

My nephew was just sent to the ER for alcohol poisoning, but the signs apparently weren't obvious to the people he was with. What are the signs someone should recognize to make...

What should be my first steps if my child convulses?

Last night, my son had a fever and started to convulse while he was in bed. Like any other parent, I rushed to the hospital and brought him to the ER. But the doctor said that...

My son felt giddy while playing. What should I do?

After my son's baseball game, he was complaining of this tight feeling in his chest. When I asked him about it, he told me not to worry about it. I just wanted to see if it was...

What are the blood tests necessary in a ER?

Once a patient is taken to the ER, I suppose there are some required blood tests. What are the tests that will have to be done? The reason why I want to know this is because...

What are the first steps when someone drowns?

I am a mother of two and I have just put my two boys in a swimming class. As a precautionary measure, I would like to know what are the first few steps to take in case someone...

Can being hit in the head cause a seizure?

My neighbor was punched in the head recently when he fought someone. Afterward, he started convulsing, and we found out that he actually suffered from a seizure. Can hitting...

What are the first few steps in case of a cardiac arrest?

My brother recently died of a heart attack, and none of us knew the signs or how to act. What are the first steps that we should take in case one of us suffers from a cardiac...

Is blood pressure levels of 210/100 an emergency?

My mother-in-law keeps having fluctuating blood pressure levels. Yesterday, she recorded a blood pressure level of 210/100. Do you think this is a medical emergency?


I’m having really bad pains in my upper abdomen it started last night at my belly button then my upper abdomen then at my lower right side and now all over, I’ve had headaches,...

Stomach flu

My stomach is very sick I have a stomach flu I keep throwing up and also I have diarrhea and can't hold anything down. I keep throwing up everything and my bowl movement is watery....

low low grade fever

Three days I have low grade fever not continuous. I am suffering from peptic ulcer

Have I been bitten?

No symptoms, but I looked up black widow spider bite and they look exactly the same please give me an answer.

Is a TSH value of 3.17 normal in 9 months of pregnancy?

I am a 36-year-old and I am 9 months pregnant. In my last blood test report, my TSH value showed 3. 17. Is this considered as a normal TSH or is anything worrisome?

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