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Would you recommend an acupuncture treatment for treating a hyperactive thyroid?

I have a hyperactive thyroid problem. Would you recommend an acupuncture treatment for it?

What can I do to prevent my sugar from going too low at night?

My sugar levels often drop a lot while I am sleeping. What can I do to prevent my sugar levels from dropping too much?

How long can I manage my diabetes without medications?

I was just diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I dont have insurance and am worried I wont be able to recieve medication or treatment. How long is it possible for me to manage my...

Can nuclear medicine treat hyperthyroidism?

Is nuclear medicine helpful in treating hyperthyroidism? What's the best course of treatment?

Can diabetes cause heart complications?

Can my high sugar levels lead to cardiac abnormalities and complications?

Can diabetes be managed without insulin?

Is there a way to manage diabetes without insulin? I would like to try and treat it by making lifestyle changes, like to my diet and exercise.

Can yoga prevent diabetes?

My mother and father both have diabetes and they are both overweight. I want to know if I do yoga on a regular basis to lose weight and remain fit, is there a way for me to prevent...

My mom has chronic kidney disease and now suffers from water retention. What should I do?

My mother, who has chronic kidney disease, is now retaining a lot of water. This water retention started a few days ago. What's the best way to rid her of this uncomfortable...

How soon after anesthesia can my sister eat?

My sister has diabetes. She has to have a D&C, which requires anesthesia. It's so important to keep her blood sugars level: how soon after the anesthesia can she eat?

Can diabetic neuropathy be treated with surgery?

I am a diabetic and now have nerve damage in my foot and ankle. Are there surgical treatments for my diabetic neuropathy?

Can an overactive thyroid increase risk of heart problems?

I have been diagnosed with an overactive thyroid. Will this increase my risks of a heart problem?

Are steroids okay for people at risk of heart disease?

My husband has inflammation and a respitory infection. The doctor says he is also at a high risk of heart disease. Would steroids be recommended for him? Is there a danger to...

My mother has a blood clot in her leg. What should I do?

My mother is a diabetes patient and has recently hurt her leg, causing a blood clot. What should I do?

Why is my mother losing weight?

My mother is a diabetes patient and has been losing a lot of weight lately (10 pounds in 1 month). Her diet, physcial activity and medication has not changed. What could be the...

Why does my blood sugar increase after exercise?

I have been maintaining a strict diet and exercise routine. I am a type 2 diabetic and when I test my blood sugar levels, its increased after working out. Why is this?

How can diabetic neuropathy be treated?

My father has been diagnosed with diabetic neuropathy. Are there medications that can treat his condition and relieve his pain?

Where on the body should insulin be injected?

My mother has diabetes and was recently prescribed insulin. What area on the body is best to inject insulin?

What can I do to lower my blood sugar?

I have been a diabetic for the past 12 years. What can I do to lower my blood sugar without medication?

Are my sugar levels and headaches connected?

Every time my sugar levels go up, I end up with headaches. Is it only a coincidence or is there a relation between the two? Please advice.

Can diabetes cause muscle weakness?

My mother has been a diabetic for the past 14 years. Lately, her muscles have become very weak and also twitch a lot. Can this be associated with her diabetes? What can be done...

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