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Can low vitamin D worsen my diabetes?

I have been on my diabetes medicine since I was a teenager, but my sugar levels are not coming down. My blood test results, however, showed that my level of vitamin D is quite...

Why do I feel tired after I eat?

After I eat I feel tired and in a daze. This is how I usually feel when my blood sugar levels are low. I've been taking insulin injections frequently, but does this mean I need...

Bilateral medullary nephrocalcinosis and hyperthyroid

I have been diagnosed with bilateral medullary nephrocalcinosis in Jan. 2017. I have not received any care or treatment. Also back in June 2016, I experienced symptoms of hyperthyroid,...

Which fruits are okay for a diabetes patient?

My husband is 34 years old and is diabetic. Is it okay for him to consume fruits? Which ones?

I am having a lot of pain in my legs. Could it be diabetic neuropathy?

I am experiencing severe pain in my legs. It feels like the nerves are pulling. Could it be diabetic neuropathy?

What is the difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes?

What is the main difference between type1 and type 2 diabetes? Does the course of treatment also differ in both types? Diabetes runs in my family on my mom's side, but I'm not...

If I had gestational diabetes, am I at higher risk of diabetes at a later stage?

I had gestational diabetes and no symptoms after my delivery. Am I still at a risk of getting diabetes later in life?

Why are my blood sugar levels so high in the morning?

I have been a diabetic for the past 6 years. Lately, I've noticed my blood sugar levels are very high in the morning. What could be the reason for this?

Who is at risk of ketoacidosis?

I have heard that ketoacidosis is a very common condition among diabetes patients. Who is at a high risk of ketoacidosis?

I'm taking my medication regularly, howevery, HbA1C level continues to be at 8. Why?

I was diagnosed with diabetes 12 years ago. I have taking my medications and exercising regularly, but my levels continue to be at 8. Why could this be happening?

What are the symptoms of juvenile diabetes?

My family has a history of diabetes and I am worried about my son getting the disease at an early age. What are the symptoms of juvenile diabetes? What should I look out for?...

Why do I feel chills after taking my medication?

Every time I take my diabetes medication, I feel sudden chills and a little drained out. What could be causing this? ?

If my HBA1C is 5.2, am I prediabetic?

I recently underwent a blood test and my HBA1C was 5. 2. Does that make me prediabetic?

Is watermelon good for patients with diabetes?

I know I have to include more fruits to my diet. My friend suggested to me to eat watermelon? Would this be okay? I always thought that melons like watermelon is full of sugar?...

Do complex carbs help in reducing my insulin levels?

I am suffering from diabetes and I'm looking for ways to regulate my insulin, including changing my diet. I know carbs is a no-go. But, can I consume complex carbohydrates like...

I am gaining a lot of weight even when I exercise?

I am 34 years old and I am on metformin to manage my insulin resistance. However, I am gaining a lot of weight, even though I try to work frequently. Why is this happening?...

When is a person advised to go on insulin treatment?

I am a diabetic with a HbA1C of 9. I am currently managing my diabetes with diet and medication. However, I am worried that I will be put on insulin. When is a person put on...

How does PCOD cause sugar fluctuations?

I have PCOD and my sugar levels are fluctuating. The doctor says its possibly because of my PCOD but I don’t understand the connection between the two, could you help me understand?...

Can diabetes cause erectile dysfunction?

My husband has been diagnosed with diabetes about 2 years ago. He has been on medication. Lately his sex drive has decreased significantly. He also had erectile dysfunction...

If I avoid medicines and concentrate on lifestyle, can I win over diabetes?

I have just been diagnosed with diabetes type 2 and my doctor wants to put me on medication. I really don't like the idea of depending on medication for diabetes. Can lifestyle...

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