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How dangerous is low blood pressure for elderly patients?

My grandmother recently had a doctor's appointment and she was found with low blood pressure (I'm not sure of the exact numbers). She's 80 years old, but doesn't seem worried...

Is talk therapy effective for geriatric depression?

My grandmother had depression ever since my grandfather died, and it's affecting her everyday routine. She takes Prozac for her depression, but it's not working. Do you think...

How long do people stay in the hospital for pneumonia?

My mother has been in the hospital for at least week with pneumonia, and it seems like she's getting better. But the hospital insists on keeping her because of her age. She's...

Should I switch my mother's doctor to a geriatrician?

My mother is nearing 70 years old, and we still both go to the same doctor. I think she should go to someone who specializes in patients her age, but she doesn't get what the...

Hot flashes after menopause. Normal?

My mother is 70-years-old, and went through menopause when she was 55 years old. However, even though she's in seventies, she's still experiencing hot flashes. Is this normal?...

What are the first symptoms of dementia?

I think my grandmother is already showing signs of dementia--like memory loss and forgetting where she placed her keys. But I'm not really too sure. She's still young, like in...

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