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High platelet count

I had a high platelet count the last time at the doctors. I heard about thrive vitamins to help with energy. I wanted to take them since I have low muscle tone. Will it effect...

Can my body reject a platelet transfusion?

I need a platelet transfusion. Are there chances that my body would reject this? What reactions could occur?

Why are my platelets dropping after chemotherapy?

I am suffering from blood cancer. I am undergoing chemotherapy and my platelet count is dropping. Is this the result of my cancer or the chemo?

Bad bloods in pregnancy

Hi, I have been diagnosed with pregnancy anemia and my platelets count has been fluctuating between 70000-99000 over the past 3 weeks. Currently at 85000 with a platelet distribution...

High lymphocytes

What can I do to combat a count of 4. 13 10x9? How serious should one consider the above reading?

I have a blood clot on my left breast. Can it turn into a tumor?

I have a strange blood clot on my left breast. Since it doesn’t hurt, I have not shown it to the doctor. However, now I am wondering, can this blood clot turn into a tumor if...

high amount of lymphocytes in the body

I wasn't sick, I just went for a checkup, the doctor said I have high amount of lymphocytes in my body. Help me, I want to know the importance of having this high amount of lymphocytes...

I have a positive blood type and my husband has a negative blood type. What are the chances of our child being born with thalassemia?

I am a 32 year old woman and I am thinking of planning a family now with my husband. However, my blood group is A+ve while my husband’s blood group is O-ve. What are the chances...

Unexplained bruising, cough, etc

Unexplained bruising for over a yr. At one point bruise would come and go. 4 weeks ago one huge bruise followed by many new smaller ones. Every day. Few random bruises on arms...

Sudden bruising for no reason

I am a 62 year old male. I previously had open heart surgery for severe MVP. Today I noticed that I have 6 very large bruises on different areas of my body. I have no recollection...

I want to be a bone marrow donor

I lost a friend to leukemia many years ago. I would like to become a bone marrow donor in his memory. How do I do this? Is it painful to donate bone marrow?

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