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Do I have leukaemia

I have a rash on my lower legs, I have unexplained bruising on my arms, I have achy knees and nights. Do I have leukaemia? I have a heart condition and take aspirin every...

What are the ways to treat sickle cell disease?

My nephew has been diagnosed with sickle cell disease. Is it a life threatening disease? What is the course of treatment?

Can blood cancer ever be treated?

My father has been diagnosed with blood cancer. While the doctor has recommended to start with chemotherapy, we want to know if blood cancer can ever be cured.

Is leukemia curable?

Leukemia runs in my father's side of the family. Given any recent medical advancements, has leukemia become more easily treatable?

Can continuous anemia be a sign of blood cancer?

My mother has been anemic for the last 6 months. Despite of her hemoglobin injections and iron tablets, she continues to be anemic. Even the doctors are unable to currently...

Can lymph nodes in the armpits be an indication of lymphoma?

I have lymph nodes under my armpits as revealed by my latest CT scan. The doctors didn't do a good job explaining about what this could be, only that further testing is needed...

Can leukemia be heriditary?

My elder son passed away at the age of 4 due to leukemia. I am pregnant again and I am very worried that my newborn could also have the disease. Can leukemia affect my new born?...

Could coughing up blood be serious?

I have been suffering from congestion for the last month. 3 days back I saw traces of blood along with the phlegm. I also suffer from frequent nose bleeds, especially when the...

Can I donate blood if I am diabetic?

I have newly diagnosed diabetes. There is a blood donation camp arranged in my office. Can I donate blood or should I avoid it?

How can hemoglobin levels be increased?

My mother in law’s hemoglobin levels have gone down to 7 due to her kidney disease. The doctor has recommended an injection called CRESP40 which is injected weekly through IV....

What are the risk factors for thalassemia?

My husband's blood type is B- while I am A+, could this put our baby at risk of thalassemia?

What could be the cause of high platelet count in my blood report?

I recently underwent a routine blood test report that indicated a platelet count that was much higher than the normal range. What could be the cause of this high platelet count?...

Why do I feel so weak even though my blood counts are all normal?

I have been feeling very weak and tired for the last 10 days. I underwent a blood check-up to understand if I was anemic. However, all my blood counts are in the normal range....

Can kidney disease cause low hemoglobin?

My mother is 70 years old and has been suffering from severe diabetes for almost 32 years. Her sugar levels are highly fluctuating and have gone to high levels like 300 post lunch....

Why do I have blood clot in my left leg?

Every time I come back from a walk or run, I notice a blood clot in my left leg. The clot stays for sometime and then subsides on its own. What could be the cause of the same?...

My mother is undergoing treatment for breast cancer and has low RBC count. What should be done?

My mother is in the final stages of chemotherapy for her breast cancer. Although her treatment has been going on very well, her RBC count is constantly coming down. Is it normal...

My haemoglobin count is low. Could it be due to my heavy menstrual flow?

I have been suffering from a lot of weakness for the last 2 months and my menstrual flow is also heavier than normal with severe cramps in the stomach. I did a recent blood test...

My husband is A positive and I am B negative, could this be an issue when conceiving?

I am a 28-year-old woman and trying to conceive. However I just read recently that a positive and negative blood group combination in parents could be a threat to the baby. My...

My son has hbE trait. Does it pose any threat?

My son who is 3 years old has been detected with hbE trait, which according to the doctors is a genetic trait passed on to the child. Does this pose any threat for him to live...

Sudden bruising for no reason

I am a 62 year old male. I previously had open heart surgery for severe MVP. Today I noticed that I have 6 very large bruises on different areas of my body. I have no recollection...

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