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Is a rash with leukemia normal?

My son is currently being treated for leukemia, and it was diagnosed in one of its early stages. He's managing the treatment better than we thought he would, which is a huge relief...

How is leukemia diagnosed?

It took a while for my friend's daughter to be diagnosed with leukemia, and it felt like it was too long. How is leukemia usually diagnosed in patients? Especially the young...

How can nuclear medicine treat cancer?

My mom has non-hodgkins lymphoma and her and her doctor want to treat it with nuclear medicine. How can it really help?

What are the factors supporting a bone marrow transplant?

For a bone marrow transplant to be successful, what are the factors to be considered?

Is a platelet transfusion risky?

Are there any risks involved in a platelet transfusion?

Is coughing blood a sign of cancer?

Last night I had a severe cough and I saw traces of blood in my phlegm. Could it be a sign of something serious?

What is the treatment for deep vein thrombosis?

My mother has been diagnosed with deep vein thrombosis, and according to her, it isn't a serious condition at all. But she won't tell me the treatment. What is the usual course...

During chemotherapy, is a RBC drop normal?

I am undergoing chemotherapy for my liver cancer, and now I am experiencing a drop in my RBC count. Is this normal?

Is coughing blood a serious sign in a cancer patient?

My mother is a cancer patient, and last night, she coughed blood. This is the first that I've seen it, so I'm unaware of how frequently this has happened. She has Last night...

My son has a very high white blood cell count. What's next?

A recent blood test showed that my 12 year old son has a very high white blood cell count. What could this mean and what will happen next in order to determine what is happening...

I am undergoing treatment for liver cancer. I am now passing blood in my stools. Why is this?

I have been diagnosed with liver cancer and I am currently undergoing chemo and treatment for the cancer. I passed blood in my stools yesterday. What does this mean?

Is my fatigue due to low hemoglobin levels?

I am in the middle of chemotherapy treatment and my hemoglobin levels are dropping. Is that the reason I am so, so tired?

Can my body reject a platelet transfusion?

I need a platelet transfusion. Are there chances that my body would reject this? What reactions could occur?

Thrive vitamins?

When I went to a hematologist, my platelet count was high. Someone told me about thrive vitamins to help with energy. Can I take them or will it effect my count?

What natural treatments should I do alongside my child's chemotherapy?

My son has lymphoma and is currently undergoing treatment for it. The doctor recommended that we also do more homeopathic treatments alongside his chemo. What do you recommend?...

Why are my platelets dropping after chemotherapy?

I am suffering from blood cancer. I am undergoing chemotherapy and my platelet count is dropping. Is this the result of my cancer or the chemo?

Can hemophillia be treated completely?

My sister was diagnosed with lymphoma when she was just 20 years old, and now, after 3 years of chemotherapy, her cancer is in remission. But is there still a chance for the cancer...

What is the course of treatment for leukemia?

My nephew has been diagnosed with leukemia. I want a second opinion on what his course of treatment should be. It's in the first stage and his oncologist is already suggesting...

What can be done for anemia?

My son is anemic. What can be done for him?

My hemoglobin level Is very low since I had chemotherapy. What should I do?

I had chemotherapy for uterine cancer, and my hemoglobin level has been low ever since. What should I do?

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