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What is the course of treatment for leukemia?

My nephew has been diagnosed with leukemia. I want a second opinion on what his course of treatment should be. It's in the first stage and his oncologist is already suggesting...

What can be done for anemia?

My son is anemic. What can be done for him?

My hemoglobin level Is very low since I had chemotherapy. What should I do?

I had chemotherapy for uterine cancer, and my hemoglobin level has been low ever since. What should I do?

While getting chemo, is it safe to get a flu shot?

I am starting chemotherapy next week. Is it okay for me to get a flu shot?

Can blood cancer be treated naturally?

Are there any foods or natural medicines that will help naturally treat blood cancer? My cousin has been diagnosed with it recently and does not want to get chemo.

High lymphocytes

What can I do to combat a count of 4. 13 10x9? How serious should one consider the above reading?

Do I have leukaemia

I have a rash on my lower legs, I have unexplained bruising on my arms, I have achy knees and nights. Do I have leukaemia? I have a heart condition and take aspirin every...

Non Hodgkins follicular lymphoma

What is the life expectancy for this stage 4 with bone marrow involvement? I had 5 months Rituximab & bendamustime chemo, got into remission, but my oncologist says there is...

I keep passing blood in my stools. While doctors have ruled out anything serious, I am worried.

I have had 4 episodes of blood traces in my stools. The doctors have ruled out anything serious, however I am extremely worried on what this could be. Who should I consult in...

Can an episode of sepsis in childhood cause the risk of blood cancer in the future?

I am a 27 year old woman. When I was 3 months old I had an episode causing sepsis which required me to be in the hospital for over 1 month in the NICU. Luckily the treatment...

What are the ways to treat sickle cell disease?

My nephew has been diagnosed with sickle cell disease. Is it a life threatening disease? What is the course of treatment?

Can blood cancer ever be treated?

My father has been diagnosed with blood cancer. While the doctor has recommended to start with chemotherapy, we want to know if blood cancer can ever be cured.

Is leukemia curable?

Leukemia runs in my father's side of the family. Given any recent medical advancements, has leukemia become more easily treatable?

Can continuous anemia be a sign of blood cancer?

My mother has been anemic for the last 6 months. Despite of her hemoglobin injections and iron tablets, she continues to be anemic. Even the doctors are unable to currently...

Can lymph nodes in the armpits be an indication of lymphoma?

I have lymph nodes under my armpits as revealed by my latest CT scan. The doctors didn't do a good job explaining about what this could be, only that further testing is needed...

Can leukemia be heriditary?

My elder son passed away at the age of 4 due to leukemia. I am pregnant again and I am very worried that my newborn could also have the disease. Can leukemia affect my new born?...

Can blood clots in the hand be a sign of cancer?

Since yesterday I have been seeing blood clots or lumps around my hands and palms. These have appeared all of a sudden and are now worrying me a lot. Could it be a sign of cancer?...

How does stem cell transplant work for a blood cancer patient?

I have read about stem cell transplant helping blood cancer patients. What does this treatment really involve?

Is blood cancer hereditary?

My grandfather and father both died of blood cancer. What are the chances I would get the disease too? Is there any way to prevent it?

Are there any symptoms of blood cancer?

My mom's family has a history of cancer, unfortunately. How can she help herself and others be aware of the symptoms of blood cancer?

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