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What causes cold sores in a person?

My mother has been getting a lot of cold sores around her lips. What could be causing this?

Is there a natural treatment for strep throat in kids?

My son is allergic to penicillin and has strep throat. The doctor gave him amoxicillin, but we don't want to use antibiotics altogether. Apart from antibiotics, are there any...

How do I treat ringworm?

I've been suffering from ringworm for the past year. I've taken treatment from my local doctor, and for some time, the infection was controlled. After some time, however, the...

My daughter has a persistant fever. What should I do?

My daughter has been having persisting fevers. She was tested for some infectious diseases and malaria but they are negative. When should the next test be?

Does dengue virus spread from one person to another?

Can dengue spread from one person to another? Is there a way from preventing the spread of the disease?

Is there any vaccine to prevent hand-foot-mouth disease?

My daughter has had two bouts of the hand-foot-mouth disease. Is there any vaccine to prevent it?

Low grade fever for long time

One of my aunt's is suffering form low grade fever for a long time (around 30 days ). When the medication is going on, there is no sign of fever but when the medication is stopped...

Is dengue fever contagious?

There have been 2 cases of dengue fever diagnosed in my community. Is it contagious? How is it treated?

How can I quickly recover from typhoid?

I was diagnosed with typhoid about 2 weeks ago but i am still having a fever, headaches and feeling tired after antibiotics. Is there any way to feel better faster?

What precautions should pathologist take when dealing with samples of contagious diseases?

I am going to be pathologist and I will have to deal with samples of contagious diseases. What precautions should I take?

Streptococcus infection

In the fall of 2018, there was a company in a military imitation war game on a former Soviet base. Slept for 4 days in barracks, where the life of the Soviet-era army was fully...

Can a viral cold and cough be treated without antibiotics?

Every time my daughter has cold and cough the doctor gives her antibiotics. Is there a way to treat viral cough and cold without any antibiotics?

Is a vaginal infection contagious?

I have been diagnosed with a vaginal yeast infection and I'm currently on treatment for it. Can this infection spread to my husband through sex?

Stage 3 Lyme or M.S.?

7 years ago I had an engorged deer tick and developed a bulls eye rash. The blood test at that time was negative, so it went untreated. Recently I was hospitalized with symptoms...

I had a ringwom infection a year back and now I'm relapsing. Can you recommend any treatment?

I had a severe ringworm infection a year ago that I treated with topical medication, but now I'm relapsing. Is there a permanent way to treat this infection?

Can makeup brushes be the cause of bacterial skin infection?

I am a model and I recently had a severe bacterial skin infection. I'm on treatment for it right now, but could this infection stated from sharing makeup and makeup brushes?...

Is my fever due to my infectious UTI?

I have been diagnosed with a severe UTI and I am currently undergoing treatment for it. I also have fever that is fluctuating. Could it be because of the UTI?

about scabies

My body has been itching me now for six months, and I went to the doctor and they gave me an injection and scabies cream, but fortunately I'm still scratching and itching. What...

How do I know if it's only a cold or something serious?

My daughter often ends up with a viral cold when the seasons change. However, how can I tell if it is only a cold or something serious?

Are ayurvedic medicines help treat bacterial infections?

Can I use ayurvedic medication to treat antibiotic resistant bacterial infections?

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