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Is a vaginal infection contagious?

I have been diagnosed with a vaginal yeast infection and I'm currently on treatment for it. Can this infection spread to my husband through sex?

I had a ringwom infection a year back and now I'm relapsing. Can you recommend any treatment?

I had a severe ringworm infection a year ago that I treated with topical medication, but now I'm relapsing. Is there a permanent way to treat this infection?

Can makeup brushes be the cause of bacterial skin infection?

I am a model and I recently had a severe bacterial skin infection. I'm on treatment for it right now, but could this infection stated from sharing makeup and makeup brushes?...

Is my fever due to my infectious UTI?

I have been diagnosed with a severe UTI and I am currently undergoing treatment for it. I also have fever that is fluctuating. Could it be because of the UTI?

about scabies

My body has been itching me now for six months, and I went to the doctor and they gave me an injection and scabies cream, but fortunately I'm still scratching and itching. What...

How do I know if it's only a cold or something serious?

My daughter often ends up with a viral cold when the seasons change. However, how can I tell if it is only a cold or something serious?

Are ayurvedic medicines help treat bacterial infections?

Can I use ayurvedic medication to treat antibiotic resistant bacterial infections?

Are the measles contagious?

My eldest son was diagnosed with the measles. He's currently on treatment, but I'm scared that my daughter could also catch this disease. Is my daughter at risk?

What causes the hand foot mouth disease?

There have been about 6 cases of HFMD in my daughter's school, and I'm scare that my daughter would be diagnosed with it as well. What is the main cause of this disease? How...

Are there different stages in HIV infection?

I would like to seek information about HIV disease. My close friend was just diagnosed. How does the disease progress in a person? Does treatment actually help or does it just...

Yeast infection

My female sex partner told me she has a yeast infection so what can I do to know if I have it too?

Should I be concerned about dengue?

I've seen on the news that there have been a couple of dengue-related deaths around the world. As someone living in the US, should I be concerned?

What is the treatment for the NIPAH?

I read on ABC about this virus recently. I know it's spreading only in India but I researched into it and saw that there were cases in both Malaysia and Singapore. How dangerous...

Are there still cases of swine flu?

A few years ago, there were a lot of cases of swine flu in the United States, and if I remember correctly, a few people died from it. Now, I hardly hear of it. Are there still...

Had chickenpox as a young child

I'd like a medical opinion. Having chickenpox as a child I was isolated at home in a darker room for a few days. Is this to remove heat to the skin that one gets from exposure...

Is it a spider bite?

So I have four little dots, it was just two at first but now I see four. They kinda hurt but it itches more than they hurt; is there any way it is a spider bite?

Is lyme disease common among pet owners?

I am contemplating buying a pet dog but am nervous about my dog catching and transmitting Lyme as we live in a Lyme-prone area. If I use flea and tick medicine on my future dog,...

What's the difference between dengue and other mosquito diseases?

What's the difference between dengue and other mosquito diseases, like west nile virus?

What are the symptoms of the H1NI flu? Is it still an issue?

What are some of the confirmed symptoms of the H1NI flu? How is the condition treated? Is hospitalization a must?

If my daughter has a viral infection, why did the doctor prescribe antibiotics?

I read online that antibiotics are ideally prescribed for bacterial infection. However every time my daughter has a viral infection the doctor prescribes an antibiotic. Why?...

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