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Is it possible to have a small heart attack?

I'm an older man, and a few weeks ago I had chest pain and shortness of breath, and I had to lie down for a while. It passed, but now I'm wondering if it was my heart. You can't...

Are chest pains always an emergency?

My mom was having chest pains the other day, and I wanted to take her to the hospital but she told me that she was okay and refused to go. It turned out that she was dealing with...

Are cardiovascular diseases hereditary?

My family has a history of cardiovascular diseases, and I'm worried that I might have one as well. Am I at risk for a cardiovascular disease if I have a family history with them?...

Can an internist also specialise in other medical areas, such as endocrinology or nephrology?

Are there any internists that have a specific specialization? I always thought their range of practice was pretty general.

Is heart failure usually sudden?

How does a heart failure occur? Does it occur all of a sudden or does it happen slowly?

What is cardiac cachexia? Is it fatal?

My friend has been diagnosed with cardiac cachexia. Is it a fatal condition? What is the line of treatment?

What supplements can I take to keep my heart healthy?

I have a clean bill of heart health, but heart disease does run in my family. Are there any supplements that I can take to help keep my heart healthy?

Why am I not able to exercise too fast on the treadmill?

I am not able to run very fast on the treadmill, even though I am just 28 years old and not overweight. And, my heart rate usually goes through the roof when I exercise. What...

What are the symptoms of a weak heart?

Are there any symptoms that suggest my heart could be weak and requires medical attention?

My son had a heart transplant. What will recovery entail?

My son is 8 years old and he recently underwent a heart transplant. How long will it take him to resume life as a normal kid again? Are there any activities or things he will...

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