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Why would some foods cause stomach aches?

It seems like some foods, especially tomato sauce, gives me stomach aches. The pain from these stomach aches can get really intense, but they usually go away after 5-10 minutes....

What should I do if my child refuses to use the toilet?

We're still training my son to use the toilet. He's fine peeing, that's not our issue. It's the pooping that's the issue, and he holds it in and makes himself constipated. We...

Are headaches normal with celiac disease?

I've been really careful with my diet since I was diagnosed with celiac disease. However, lately, I've been getting severe headaches that often knock me out for the entire day....

Should I consider taking probiotics regularly?

I heard that probiotics are really good for your digestive health and I would really like to start taking them. How often should I take probiotics? And, what is the best probiotic...

What are the risk factors of celiac disease in children?

I was diagnosed with celiac disease quite recently, and I just learned that there is a genetic component with the disease. And, I'm worried that my daughter might develop it too....

Can take-out food cause my digestive system to collapse?

I order a lot of take out food, but I know that this sort of food has very harmful effects. Can it weaken my digestive system?

Why am I passing blood in my stools?

I have been passing blood in my stools. The doctor saw my reports and says there is nothing to worry about. But I am still wondering, why do I have blood in my stools in the...

My mother has a problem of impacted stools. What can we do for it?

My mother has an issue with impacted stools, and we aren't sure of what we should do for it. How can we help her?

How can I stop burping?

I feel like I constantly burp and it's such a big problem. It doesn't matter if I've eaten something acidic or spicy that causes heartburn, I just burp. I'm not sure if there's...

Can bowel regulators become addictive?

My mother has a problem with impacted stools and now takes bowel regulators and softeners. Now she is just unable to pass motions without it. Is she addicted to these supplements...

Is yogurt helpful in treating colic problems in kids?

Is it healthy to give your my child yogurt? She has colic issues, and I feel like the probiotics would really help her.

Will a good diet detox help clean my colon?

Is a good diet detox enough to keep the colon clean?

At what age can I introduce outside food for my child?

My daughter is 3 years old and I have never taken her out to eat before. When is it the best time to introduce her to outside food (like from a restaurant)?

Does oily food settle in the stomach?

When I eat oily or fried foods it causes heaviness and bloating. Does it mean this food just settles down in my stomach?

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