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Do children with leukemia frequently get fevers?

My daughter would get fevers without having any infection. We took her to the doctor, and he would like us to get her tested in case she has something a lot more serious. . ....

Is sepsis a common infection you can get from the hospital?

My mom had abdominal surgery, and once she was home, she was experiencing a fever and difficulty breathing. We took her back to the hospital immediately and it turned out that...

What are the signs of iron deficiency in children?

I have very little iron and I'm worried that my daughter might have little as well. What are some of the symptoms that children experience with an iron deficiency?

Is stem cell transplant a safe option for leukemia?

My friend's son was diagnosed with leukemia a few months ago, and he's currently undergoing radiation therapy. However, now his parents are looking into stem cell transplant therapy...

What does a low white blood cell count mean?

My son had a blood test done because he was feeling fatigued and tired, and his blood test came back with a low number of white blood cells. This does make sense because he gets...

Can an internist also specialise in other medical areas, such as endocrinology or nephrology?

Are there any internists that have a specific specialization? I always thought their range of practice was pretty general.

Is coughing blood a sign of cancer?

Last night I had a severe cough and I saw traces of blood in my phlegm. Could it be a sign of something serious?

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