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Could the pain in my joints be gout?

I'm 50 years old, and both my big toe and hips really hurt. Could the pain in my joints be gout? These areas also look swollen and I haven't taken any falls to cause this.

Can children get arthritis?

I have a 10 year old son who is complaining of pain in his wrists and elbows. I'm concerned that he might have arthritis. Can children get arthritis?

Will my child outgrow juvenile arthritis?

My daughter was diagnosed with juvenile arthritis recently. I know in adulthood, from watching my mom, her arthritis was a chronic condition that she had for the rest of her life....

How is rheumatoid arthritis ruled out?

I have a family history of rheumatoid arthritis, and now I'm starting to exhibit the first symptoms of them. I watched my mother deal with this condition for so long, so I'm hoping...

Can my daughter outgrow juvenile arthritis?

When my daughter was diagnose with juvenile arthritis, we were a little devastated, and felt that she would have this condition for the rest of her life. But because we're managing...

Can an internist also specialise in other medical areas, such as endocrinology or nephrology?

Are there any internists that have a specific specialization? I always thought their range of practice was pretty general.

Will hot fermentation help treat spondalytis?

I have spondalytis and I would like to treat it with alternative treatments, instead of the standard treatments. Will hot fermentation help treat it?

Why do I hear a cracking sound in my knees? Is something wrong with me?

I can hear a strange cracking sound in my knees. Is this a sign of aging, or could this be a different condition entirely?

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