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Rash on back after massage therapy?

I had a massage with essential oils recently, and it was the first time that I had a massage like this. A day after the massage, I felt that my back was really itchy and my husband...

Can a massage actually hurt my back?

Yesterday, I had a massage but now my back is hurting pretty bad after it. Why did this happen? Is this normal after a massage?

Do the effects of a deep tissue massage last longer?

I'm a 32 year old baseball player, and recently I had my first deep tissue massage. Do the effects of this massage last longer than other types?

Can massage therapy treat muscle pain?

I have chronic muscle pains in my hand, and I believe it's from work. Can massage therapy treat it? Even if it's for my hand? (I never really heard of hand massages before)

Is reflexology better than a massage?

There's a reflexology place by me, and I'm thinking about getting it for my feet. Is this a better therapy than a regular foot massage? How does it differ?

Does falling asleep during a massage make it difficult for my therapist?

During my last session, I actually fell asleep during the massage without even realizing it. My therapist was okay with it, but I actually feel bad. Does falling asleep during...

Why is it recommended to drink water after a massage?

I never really drank water after getting a massage, but after my last session I noticed that my massage therapist really put an emphasis on it. Why is it important to drink water...

Is there such a thing as "too much pressure" in massage therapy?

I am about to have massage therapy next week. Is there such a thing as applying too much pressure, or should I take as much as I can stand?

What causes knots in your muscles?

I go to get massages frequently, mainly because they make me feel really relaxed. But I also go because I do have a few tight knots in my back muscles. What causes me to have...

Should I consider massage therapy?

I have really bad pain in my lower back and I'm in my third trimester of pregnancy (Yes, I'm almost there!). Should I try massage therapy to relieve the pain? Is it a safe option?...

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