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Is it safe to give colic aid frequently to babies?

My baby has a lot of colic issues, and I typically give him a colic aid. Is it safe to give the baby this medicines frequently?

My child is throwing up milk just after feeding. Is it normal?

My baby is 1 month old and for the past 2 days she is spitting up as I'm finishing feeding her. Is this normal or something to be concerned about?

What should we know about jaundice?

Both me and my husband are expecting a baby girl next month. We are very excited, but we wanted to know about any issues that can occur once we give birth. We are particularly...

Do preterm babies always have late development issues?

My baby was a premature baby and was in the incubator for 3 weeks. Will it delay her developmental milestones?

My 5 days old baby is throwing up the milk she drinks. What should I do?

My baby is about 5 days old and she is throwing up the milk that she consumes even after burping. Is it normal?

Can I have a normal delivery if my first one was a caesarean?

My first delivery was a c-section. I am due for my next delivery but the doctor says since my first delivery was a caesarean, second also would be the same. Is that really the...

What are the multivitamins to be given to a 6 weeks old baby?

My little one is 6 weeks old now and the doctor has still not advised any multivitamins. Are there any multivitamins to be given to a six weeks old baby? Please advice.

We are planning my wife’s delivery at 37 weeks. Is it risky?

My wife is 37 weeks pregnant and the doctor is planning an urgent delivery since the cord is twisted around the baby’s neck. Is it risky?

My baby who is 8 months old had convulsions. What could be the reason?

My baby is 8 months old and recently had a bout of a viral infection with high grade fever. He has also convulsions at night. Could this be due to the infection or is it a problem...

How common is newborn jaundice?

My baby has jaundice and is receiving light therapy. How common is jaundice in a newborn?

RA and pregnancy

I have rheumatoid arthritis and I am 28 years old. I would really like to have children some day, but I know I can't have kids while I take methotrexate. how is pregnancy handled...

How popular are water births?

I am 4 months pregnant and thinking about birthing options. This is my first child. Have you seen any overwhelming benefits of water birthing? Is it safe? Would I need to do...

Is a TSH value of 3.17 normal in 9 months of pregnancy?

I am a 36-year-old and I am 9 months pregnant. In my last blood test report, my TSH value showed 3. 17. Is this considered as a normal TSH or is anything worrisome?

Airport security and being pregnant

I just found out I am pregnant. Can I go through a scanner at the airport? What about the x-ray scanner?

Bed rest

What does bed rest really mean for a pregnant woman? Does it truly mean lay in bed and not get up?

Vaginal delivery after cesarean

I had 2 induced vaginal deliveries after a cesarean delivery. My daughter has had a cesarean delivery and her doctor refuses to allow her to have vaginal delivery now. Why is...

What is cerclage?

My friend had cerclage put in during her pregnancy. She had several miscarriages before this pregnancy. What exactly does cerclage do to prevent miscarriage?

Diabetes affecting my baby

I have Type 2 diabetes and I am expecting my baby in a few weeks. My blood sugar has been pretty well controlled during my pregnancy. Will my baby need extra help after birth?...

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