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How often should a child pee throughout the day?

What is the normal frequency of peeing in a 3-year-old child throughout the day?

My daughter is not passing enough urine. Is this an emergency?

My 2 year old daughter is not passing adequate amounts of urine. Her diaper has only been wet once every day when its usually a few times. She seems to be drinking enough so...

My son needs to have a kidney ultrasound. What should we expect?

My 10 year old son is scheduled to have an ultrasound of his kidneys. What needs to be done in preparation of this test and how can I make it easier for him?

My daughter's urine output throughout the day is quite low. Could this be caused by a kidney issue?

Inspite of drinking a lot of water throughout the day, my daughter really does not urinate. Could this be kidney related?

After a kidney transplant, what would my child's life be like?

I have a son who is 7 years old. His kidney condition is slowly deteriorating. After a transplant, what would his life be like?

Can my son survive on one kidney?

My son's left kidney is heading towards renal failure. We are looking for a donor so he could have a transplant. In case his kidney fails, what will be his chances of survival?...

My 15 year old son has been diagnosed with kidney stones. How can this be treated?

My son is 15 years old and has been diagnosed with kidney stones. The doctor thinks they are too big for him to pass naturally. What can be done to treat this?

About muscular dystrophy

I am a muscular dystrophy patient. I am 23. What are some exercises for m. d. ? How I can be happy, energetic and positive?

My baby is 10 months old and has water retention in her legs. Should we be worried?

My daughter is 10 months old and I have noticed some water retention in her legs. We have taken her to the pediatrician who has taken some samples for testing. I am worried if...

My child has frequent UTIs -- What's wrong?

My child has had 3 UTIs in the past 8 months (she is 7 yrs old) and our pediatrician doesn't seem to think there's an issue, but I'm worried.

Should I be concerned about kidney conditions in my son?

My son is only 7 years old, but kidney conditions very heavily run in both sides of the family. Is it possible for a child this young to be affected?

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