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What does a nuclear medicine exam entail?

I was referred to a nuclear medicine exam after a routine checkup that showed issues within my cardiovascular system. He didn't give me much information on what this really means...

What are the risks with radiotherapy in cancer treatment?

I was diagnosed with bone cancer recently, and my doctor suggested that we treat it with radiotherapy rather than chemo. We didn't discuss any of the risks that can happen with...

How can nuclear medicine treat cancer?

My mom has non-hodgkins lymphoma and her and her doctor want to treat it with nuclear medicine. How can it really help?

What is the nuclear medicine treatment for prostrate cancer?

I recently heard about nuclear medicine treatment for prostrate cancer. What does this really mean? How can it help?

Can nuclear medicine treat hyperthyroidism?

Is nuclear medicine helpful in treating hyperthyroidism? What's the best course of treatment?

Is nuclear medicine effective as a cancer treatment?

Can I opt for nuclear medicine to treat my thyroid cancer? What are the side effects?

Can nuclear medicine help in treating cancer?

Is there a treatment possible under nuclear medicine for fatal diseases like cancer?

How is nuclear medicine used to treat thyroid cancer?

I have been diagnosed with thyroid cancer and have also been told that nuclear medicine helps best in treating this. Can you please explain how would it work?

What is the radioactive iodine therapy and under what cases is it normally recommended?

While studying for my bio class, my textbook mentioned radioactive iodine therapy. They didn't go into too much detail. What is radioactive iodine therapy, and under what circumstances...

Using radiation with prostate cancer

My uncle has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. He is 75 and his PSA is 7. 2. One of the treatment options he was given is radation therapy. He said something about "seeds"....

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