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Does an impacted tooth require surgery?

I have an impacted tooth in the back of my mouth, by my molars. Does an impacted tooth usually require surgery?

How is TMD diagnosed?

What is the diagnostic procedure for TMD? Are there any risk factors for it?

What is the treatment for an irregular jawline?

My jawline looks physically irregular, and I need to have this treated. Is there anything available for it?

Can facial birth defects be treated with oral surgery?

Is there a treatment for facial birth defects, like a cleft lip? What is the right age to start this surgery?

Do I need to have my wisdom teeth removed?

All of my wisdom teeth came in, and they're all kind of painful (the pain is really on and off). Do I really need to have them removed? What happens if I don't have them removed?...

How are crossbites treated?

I have a problem with crossbites, and it's really bothering me. How is this usually treated? And if I don't get it treated, could I experience any complications?

What is the life of a dental implant?

How much time should pass before I get my dental implants changed?

After my oral surgery I got mouth sores. What could cause this?

After my oral surgery I have sores in my mouth that are very painful. Is this part of recovery or a complication of osurgery?

Will I have to be on a liquid diet post my oral surgery?

I am due for a oral surgery. I have diabetes and can't stay hungry for very long. Will I have to be on a liquid diet post my surgery?

I had three of my crooked teeth extracted and they won't stop bleeding. What should I do?

I had my two crooked teeth (upper central part) and one normal tooth (lower molar) extracted 8 hours ago. The bleeding won't stop, the first gauze that the dentist gave me was...

My wisdom teeth haven't come in. Is this normal?

I'm 22 years old and my wisdom teeth haven't come in yet. Is this normal?

Can I replace my silver fillings with a different substance?

I have a lot of silver fillings in my back teeth. Is there a way that I can replace the silver with another substance?

My daughter is having cleft lip correction surgery. Are there any risks involved with this procedure?

My daughter was born with a cleft lip. She is now 6 months old and has been scheduled for cleft lip correction surgery. Are there any risks that I should be concerned about with...

I don’t like the shape of my mouth. Can it be corrected?

My mouth shape is quite crooked. When I smile, my mouth is slanted to the right. Is there any way to correct the shape and structure of my mouth?

Does a wisdom tooth need to be removed?

I have a wisdom tooth that is just emerging. I have no pain and it doesn't bother me. Do I need it extracted?

How long does one need dental bridges?

If I opt for dental bridges, how long will I need them?

How is an overbite fixed?

Since I've been young, I've had an overbite. I would like to know what can be done to correct this?

Can a oral surgery help in treating Can a oral surgery help in?

I have severe sleep apnea. I feel like I have tried every treatment possible, and was wondering if oral surgery would be able to help with this problem?

How are oral cysts diagnosed?

To me, it looks like I have a cyst in my mouth. It's not very large, but there is some pain. How will I know if it is cancerous or not? Would I need it removed?

When is a jaw surgery absolutely necessary?

When does one have to have surgery for their jaw?

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