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What is the hearing test for tinnitus like?

My doctor is referring me to get a hearing test for tinnitus. I was experiencing ringing in my ears for a week and half, and I have my test schedule for Friday. What is the hearing...

Is partial deafness possible after an ear infection?

I was treated for an ear infection quite recently, and now I feel like I'm a little deaf in my left ear (the ear infection was in both of my ears). Is this a normal thing that...

Are there any home remedies for ear infections?

My son has an ear infection, and only that. He doesn't have any other symptoms of a cold or flu. Should I treat his ear infection with a home remedy? Are there any natural remedies...

I feel like my nose is crooked even though it seems straight. Why is this?

It's hard to explain, but I have a feeling that my nose is crooked (I literally feel that it's crooked), even though when I look in the mirror it appears rather straight. Where...

Loss of hearing after car accident. How will it be treated?

I feel like I lost my hearing, only slightly, after a car accident. I realized it the other day and I'm going to make an appointment with my GP to see why. How will this be treated?...

What are the symptoms of vertigo?

I have family members with vertigo, and I know that they can't really drive far because they get dizzy. What are some other symptoms of vertigo?

I keep getting blockages in my nostrils. Would I need surgery?

I frequently have nasal blockages. They usually settle on their own, but my doctors says that I may need surgery if they keep happening. Would I really need surgery?

Can anesthesia cause laryngospasm?

Can anesthesia put me at a risk of laryngospasm?

My ENT found a mass in my neck. What could it be?

During a recent exam, my ENT found a mass in my neck and drew fluid from it to send to a pathologist for testing. I'm terrified. What are some of the things this mass could be?...

Are there any complications in endoscopic sinus surgery?

I have been suffering from chronic sinusitis for more than two years. An ENT recommended that I should have endoscopic sinus surgery, are there any risks or complications with...

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