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Why does my daughter's heart beat so fast?

My daughter is 4 years old. Recently I noticed that her heart is beating very fast. What can be the cause? Should I take her to a doctor?

Can running cause chest pains?

My 10 year old son has pretty sharp chest pain while he runs. Is this a normal thing for him to experience? Should I take him to a doctor?

What are some signs of heart issues in children?

My child's school called me about this, actually, and it was about my son having issues with his breathing after exercising. He would easily be out of breath after doing most...

My child has shortness of breath. Is this a sign of a heart condition?

I've noticed that my child has been short on breath, and I'm scared that this could be a heart condition. I know this is a sign of a heart condition with adults, but is it a sign...

Do we need to visit a cardiologist if there is a family history of heart problems?

My mother is in her late 40s and she has been suffering from breathlessness and pain in the chest and back region. Could these be signs of heart issues? We also have a family...

Is fish oil good for my child?

Is it right to start my 6 year old son on fish oil to improve his heart functioning?

My son is having night terrors after a heart procedure he had. How can I help?

My 9 year old son had to have a heart catheterization procedure. Since then, he has been having night terrors. I feel so bad for him! Would it help if I took him to see a psychologist?...

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