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How often should I monitor my blood sugar with type 2 diabetes?

I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes recently, and I'm still learning how to manage it. How often should I be checking my blood sugar?

Are there any approved anti-depressants for pregnant women?

I'm 30 years old, and I recently was put on an antidepressant (Lexapro). The pharmacist said that it would not be safe if I was pregnant or planning to become pregnant. Are there...

Children's Motrin vs. Tylenol?

My mother and I actually got into an argument about which medicine is better for my daughter's fever. I used Children's Motrin to help her fever (it was at 102, and she's 7 years...

Can antibiotics cause yeast infections?

I had to take a course of antibiotics for an upper respiratory infection, and since then I've had recurrent yeast infections. Can antibiotics be the cause of yeast infections?...

Oseltamivir phosphate capsules and eating fruit?

I am taking this drug because I have the flu. I know I can take it with food, but can it be taken with fresh raspberries or blueberries? Can this be taken with grapefruit juice?...

Are there any medications available to prevent the flu?

My uncle just came down with the flu, and I'm scared because I literally saw him before he got really sick. Are there any medications that I can take that prevent the flu?

What happens when you are taking too much probiotics?

I take probiotic supplements everyday, at least once, to improve my gut health. Sometimes I also eat yogurt, which I know has probiotics as well. I haven't experienced anything...

Blurred vision with Celexa. Is this normal?

I started to take Celexa about a week ago, and now my vision is really blurry. I know this is a new thing too, since I've never needed glasses and it happens at random points...

Is metformin the only form of medication for diabetes?

I've had type 2 diabetes for a while now and have been taking metformin as treatment. But, lately, I feel like I have been experiencing a lot of side effects. Are there any other...

Do I need a tetanus shot if I have gotten hurt by a piece of glass?

I had a piece of glass prick the palm of my hand. Though I got the piece out, I would like to know if I need a tetanus shot to prevent any infections.

When is the best time to get a flu shot?

I want to get a flu vaccine to avoid it at all costs. When is the best time to get the flu shot?

What is the best natural medicine for stopping loose motions?

I have been experiencing loose motions, and I'm not sure why and how they're happening so frequently. What is the best medication to take for this?

Do I have to take blood thinners for a long period of time?

I was prescribed blood thinners after having a bypass surgery, and I noticed that my prescription was for a large duration of time--which I think is unnecessary. Is this normal...

Can antibiotics cause mouth ulcers?

I have been on antibiotics for a viral infection, but now I have mouth ulcers? Can antibiotics cause me to have mouth ulcers, or could it be from something else?

Thrive vitamins?

When I went to a hematologist, my platelet count was high. Someone told me about thrive vitamins to help with energy. Can I take them or will it effect my count?

Is Zofran safe for elderly?

My mother feels nausea before and after eating anything. Can I give her Zofran before her meals? Is this safe for her to use? She's 80 years old.

Can heart medicines cause headaches?

I underwent an angioplasty and am on Plavix. I am lately having a lot of headaches. Could it be due to the medication?

Are steroids okay for people at risk of heart disease?

My husband has inflammation and a respitory infection. The doctor says he is also at a high risk of heart disease. Would steroids be recommended for him? Is there a danger to...

Is excessive consumption of Aspirin?

My husband has a lot of Aspirin due to tremendous headache he has often. Is it harmful for his health?

When should I give Tylenol to my child and when should I switch to ibuprofen?

I have two medications that I use to treat my child's fever, Tylenol and ibuprofen. Should I prefer to use one over the other?

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