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How does one treat a pulled neck muscle?

My son is 10 years old, and he has had neck pain after his soccer match last week. I think he just pulled a muscle in his neck. How can we treat a pulled neck muscle at home?...

How long does a muscle strain take to heal?

My son strained a muscle playing basketball with my friends. Should I take him to physical therapy, or can this strain heal on its own?

Why does physical therapy benefit muscular dystrophy patients?

My son has Duchenne's muscular dystrophy and his pediatrician suggested us to take him to a physical therapist, alongside taking his medications. How would physical therapy help...

How can physical therapy benefit my son?

My son always had issues with walking, and was actually late in starting to walk. He's not as coordinated as the other kids his age. Do you think physical therapy can help him?...

Should I consider physical therapy for my daughter?

My daughter broke her ankle while his ice skating with her friends. Now the cast is off and her ankle is like 90% healed, but she's still experiencing some pain. I honestly think...

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