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Can plastic surgery change the entire shape of my nose?

I have had my nose broken on numerous occasions and it is now crooked with a bump. Can plastic surgery fix this completely? I'm afraid to go under the knife if the results will...

Are there chances of complications in skin grafting for diabetic patient?

My husband is a diabetes patient and is due to undergo a skin grafting procedure. I know that typically patients with diabetes have a harder time healing. Should we be concerned...

How do I know if I have a deviated septum? Will I need surgery?

It seems that I am never able to breathe through my nose. How do I know if I have a deviated septum? Will I need surgery?

After burning my arm with a curling iron, what can I do to prevent scarring?

I burnt myself on my arm with my curling iron, and I do not want to have a scar! Is there anything I can do to prevent this?

Is it possible to treat male pattern baldness?

Is there a permanent treatment for male pattern baldness? Does it reoccur even after treatment?

Can plastic surgery remove scars from previous surgeries?

I underwent a surgery and it has left a scar over my abdomen, which really bothers me. Can plastic surgery help to remove it?

What is the treatment for wrinkles?

I notice I am slowly developing wrinkles all along my eyes and mouth. Is there any way I can prevent them from getting worse?

Can I get dimples through plastic surgery?

I've been obsessed with dimples ever since I was a little girl and my feelings still haven't changed now that I'm 37. Is it something possible through plastic surgery?

Can plastic surgery remove birthmarks?

I have a brown birthmark on my face that I want to get rid of. Will plastic surgery help in removing it?

Does laser treatment work for correcting acne scars?

I have tried many ointments and medications to get rid of my acne scars but none work. Is there a laser treatment available for this? Does it hurt? I have scarring on my face...

Is minoxidil safe for male pattern baldness?

I have a lot of dandruff after I started using minoxidil for male pattern baldness. Should I stop using it? What should I do?

Can burn marks for a 5 year old be treated with plastic surgery?

My daughter is 5 years old and has burnt her hand. The mark on her hand is huge. Can a plastic surgeon help treat it?

Will my diabetes hinder my lip surgery?

I am planning to undergo a lip correction surgery. However, I am also a diabetic. Will it cause any complications in my lip surgery?

What should I do to prevent an infection after plastic surgery?

I am planning to undergo a plastic surgery for my nose. What is the after care required to prevent any form of infection post-surgery?

What are the risk factor associated with a plastic surgery?

Are there any kinds of risk factors associated with plastic surgery? If yes, could you please highlight a few? I am thinking about getting breast implants and I want to know...

If my nose surgery goes wrong, can It be corrected?

I am planning to undergo plastic surgery for my nose. But, I am worried if the surgery doesn’t get the desired results, can it be corrected?

How do I prepare my body before undergoing liposuction?

I am planning to take on liposuction around my tummy and hands. How should I prepare my body so that the procedure is successful?

What is the aftercare required after plastic surgery to treat a scar?

What is the after care procedure after a plastic surgery done to treat a scar on the forehead?

Can makeup done on a plastic surgery area cause reactions?

I recently underwent plastic surgery around my chin area. Usually I use foundation, but I've been nervous to use it in that area. The skin has healed but is there any chance...

I have a birth mark around my waist that looks very ugly. Can it be removed with plastic surgery?

I have a big birth mark around my waist that looks very ugly ,especially when I wear jeans and short tops. Can I have plastic surgery to have this mark removed?

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