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I lost a lot of weight very fast. What can I do with my skin?

I'm 22 and have lost 120 lbs in the past year and a half from changing my eating habits and going to the gym. But now the skin on my arms and my stomach are sagging. What can...

What's involved in an eyelid lift?

There is a lot of excess skin around my upper eyelids, and it's causing them sag. Since I'm getting older, I'm considering getting this excess skin removed from them. I want...

How long will it take for my skin graft to heal?

My hands are covered in burns from a recent baking incident, and I'm going to have a skin graft done on them soon. My doctor told me that I would need to avoid any strenuous activities...

How long does skin tightening treatments last?

I want to get laser skin tightening treatments because, really, none of the home treatments I have seem to be working. Are skin tightening treatments long-term?

What can be done for age spots on hands?

As I'm getting older, I'm noticing that there are so many age spots on top of my hands. Is there anything you can do to get rid of them? They're so unflattering.

How long would I need to wear a splint after a nose job?

I'm planning on getting a nose job soon. In fact, I scheduled it for the beginning of March, and I have to say, I'm pretty excited for it. However, me and my surgeon didn't really...

Which implants are the best implants?

I would like a breast augmentation, but I can't decide on what implants I want. After researching them, a lot of the types seem really good. Which implants do you recommend for...

Are tummy tucks painful to get?

I would like to get a tummy tuck, but I heard that the recovery time after it is at least one to two months. Why is the recovery time so long? Are tummy tucks painful?

Does a double mastectomy prevent breast cancer?

I have a family history of breast cancer, and I want to have a double mastectomy because my doctor told me that I was at a high risk. Would this prevent breast cancer?

Does it take a while to recover from a mommy makeover?

After having my baby, I really don't have a lot of confidence in my body and I think I want a mommy makeover to fix a few things. I mainly want three procedures: a breast augmentation,...

Are there any risks with lip injections?

My lips have never looked exactly how I wanted them to look, not even with any plumping gloss that I use. I'm considering getting lip injections. Are there any risks?

How effective are face lifts?

I want to get rid of all of the loose skin on my face, and I really can't stand it. Now, I just went for a consultation for a face lift, and me and my surgeon went over exactly...

How can plastic surgery remove my birthmark?

I have an ugly birth mark that almost completely covers my arm. I would like to remove it. Can a plastic surgeon help with this? What exactly would they do?

Is it possible to gain the fat back after liposuction?

I want to get liposuction, mainly for the fat around my stomach and abdominal area. What are some of the risks associated with it? And, is it possible to gain the fat back after...

Should I get lipo laser treatment rather than liposuction?

I heard lipo laser therapy has less of a recovery time than liposuction, so I think I want to have that for the extra fat around my stomach and thighs. Is it just as effective...

How long will I be under during my nose job?

I'm having a nose job in a couple of weeks and am wondering: how long will I be under anesthesia for?

Is plastic surgery on the lips painful?

I am scheduled to undergo plastic surgery for the treatment of a bad scar on my lip. Will I be in a lot of pain after the procedure?

What can I do to prepare for my tummy?

I have a tummy tuck scheduled to be done after the New Year. Is there anything that I can do to prepare for my surgery?

How long is a recovery from a breast augmentation?

I'm considering getting a breast augmentation, but I can't be out of work for too long because of this surgery. How long is the recovery usually for a breast augmentation?

My son had a botched circumcision. Does he need plastic surgery?

When my son was born, they took off way too much skin during his circumcision. Now that he is 11 yrs old, it bothers him more than ever. Can a pediatric urologist help him?...

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