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Is there anyway to prevent chicken pox?

My son is 5 years old and has chickenpox, even though he was vaccinated. I have a small baby at home who was also vaccinated, but I am afraid he will get it too. Is there any...

Is there any preventive medicine for arthritis?

I have a history of arthritis in my family. Is there any preventive medicine that will help me not develop it?

What are the best medicines to avoid motion sickness?

I have a long flight at the end of the week, but I have severe motion sickness. Unfortunately, I have to go on this trip because of work. Are there any medicines I can take to...

How can I prevent my hair from graying?

In my family we have a history of premature graying. Is there any way that I can prevent early graying of my hair?

Is there a way I can prevent my child from catching the common cold and flu?

How can I improve my child's immunity level and prevent him from catching a common cold and cough? I'm trying to instill good hygiene habits.

I have been a chain smoker for 20 years and I have recently quit. How can I prevent lung diseases?

I am 34 years old and I was a chain smoker for 14 years and I had recently quit. While I understand there is damage done already, how can I prevent my lungs from deteriorating...

My son had a severe pneumonia when he was 2 years old. How often should I get his lungs screened?

My son was 2 years old when he had a severe bout of pneumonia. His lungs were quite weakened by the virus. How often should I get a screening done for his lungs to ensure everything...

Every winter my son ends up with a nasty cold. Are there any preventive measures he can do?

My son is 9 years old and every winter he ends up with a bad cold that keeps him out of school for a few days. He suffers a lot due to this. Are there any preventive measures...

Can cancer be prevented?

In my family we have a history of cancer and it is worrying me a lot. Can cancer be prevented? I supposed the better question is, to what degree can cancer be prevented if at...

Can I take a chickenpox vaccine at 30 years of age?

I am 30 years old and a mother of a 4 year old. I have never got chicken pox but I am worried if my son gets it I will have the infection too. Should I get a vaccine as well?...

I am planning to travel to Africa for work in the next month. Do I need to get vaccinated?

I am planning on traveling to Africa in the coming month. Should I get vaccinated for any infections? If so, what am I required to get before I travel?

Is it absolutely necessary to go in for newborn screening?

I am 4 months pregnant and the doctor is advising me to go for newborn screening test which is very expensive. Is it absolutely necessary to take this test?

I am concerned about my liver. Should I take a test for hepatitis A and B?

Lately I've noticed my appetite decreasing and I am also having digestive issues off and on. I have a feeling that my liver function may be affected. Liver issues run in my family...

Should I get the flu shot during pregnancy?

I am trying to get pregnant but haven't yet gotten my flu shot this year. Should I get it now or wait? OR does it not matter at all?

Can you suggest natural remedies to protect the gut?

I am worried about the gut health of my family. I'm not sure if there are general precautionary measures we should be taking or food we should avoid. I've started introducing...

Can you tell me more about flu shots?

I know you should get flu shots every year. I also know that some people claim to get the flu after the shot, but I thought the shot was a dead virus so wouldn't this be impossible?...

Is filtered water really a big deal?

I've heard of some people using a filtering shower head to filter their shower water as to not bathe in unfiltered water. In the US, is this really necessary?

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