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Are eating disorders a psychological issue or physical disease?

I think my sister has a binge-eating disorder. She's 28 years old, and she always eats. This started after our mom's death. Is an eating disorder a physical disease or a psychological...

Can major depression cause obesity?

I have major depression and have gained a lot of weight over the past year. Can major depression cause obesity?

Can eating disorders develop at any age?

I am 42 and male. Right now, I think I may have an eating disorder since I've been binge eating a lot, but I think I'm too old to have one. I'm not sure when I exactly started...

Weight loss hypnosis?

I'm having trouble sticking to a diet, and I'm considering trying other methods to help me with weight loss. Have you heard of hypnosis for weight-loss? Is it effective in your...

Is Contrave safe for weight-loss?

My psychiatrist prescribed me Contrave to help with weight loss, after I showed some progress with my diet and exercise. Is this a safe medication? I heard that this medication...

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