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Is Contrave safe for weight-loss?

My psychiatrist prescribed me Contrave to help with weight loss, after I showed some progress with my diet and exercise. Is this a safe medication? I heard that this medication...

How do I ween myself off of opioid medications?

I've been taking opioid medications to deal with my chronic pain, but now I feel like I'm addicted to it. My husband pointed it out to me yesterday when I was taking more than...

What can I do for my chronic pain?

I've been suffering from chronic pain over the past year and a half, and I feel like nothing ever works. What can I do to relieve this pain?

How Can I Finally Overcome my Pain Medication Addiction?

For over 10 years now, on and off, I have been addicted to pain medication. I do have horrific headaches that leave me unable to function when they come on. I got addicted to...

Will I be given antidepressants in the hospital?

I am scheduled to have surgery at the end of the month, but I also have clinical depression and am currently on antidepressants for it. After my surgery, will I be able to take...

My mother has internal pain in her legs. Is it diabetic neuropathy?

My mom is constantly complaining of pain in her legs and says it's like a pulling feeling from within them. Is it diabetic neuropathy? She's had type 2 diabetes for the past...

How can we help a patient in chronic pain?

My mother is in chronic pain because of her kidney condition. She refuses to have dialysis, so she's currently under no treatment. What can we do to help her deal with this chronic...

Is my constant body pain for real?

I have pain all over my body, and it really takes me out for the entire day. My husband thinks that this pain isn't real and that I'm just being "lazy. " Is this true? Could...

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