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Are MRIs safe for infants?

My daughter is only 2-years-old and is going to get an MRI because she's been experiencing these strange headaches. While, of course, I want to know why these headaches are happening,...

What are safe radiation levels for children?

My son needs to have an X-ray for an injury to his ankle. Should I be concerned about the amount of radiation an X-ray has?

What does a chest scan reveal for a cough?

My doctor wants me to have a chest scan because of a chronic cough that I've been dealing with for the past two weeks. My sinuses do feel. . . off, and he feels like a scan would...

Why should I have my son go to a pediatric radiologist?

My son needs to have a CT scan, but instead of going to a regular radiologist, his doctor referred us to a pediatric radiologist. What would a pediatric radiologist do differently?...

Are children sedated for scans like CAT?

My child needs to have a CAT scan but is extremely nervous about it (frankly, I don't blame them). Are children typically sedated for CAT scans when they're really anxious about...

I feel an aching pain in my leg. What tests will be done to find the cause?

I have an aching, dull pain in my leg. It almost feels like a pull. What tests should I have done to find the cause?

Is an MRI scan painful?

I am scheduled to get an MRI scan done but I am scared since I am doing this for the first time. Is this scan painful?

How does interventional radiology work?

I'm thinking about going into interventional radiology after I complete my degree. How does interventional radiology work?

My son has been having bad headaches. His neurologist is sending him to a radiologist. What can we expect next?

My 12 year old son has been complaining of sharp headaches over the last few weeks. I took him to see a pediatric neurologist who is now sending my son to a radiologist for some...

Can a CT Scan cause rashes for a child?

My son underwent a CT Scan, and the next day he developed a rash across his chest. Is it possible that it could cause rashes for him?

Why a pediatric radiologist?

My pediatrician referred me and my child to a pediatric radiologist for lung x-rays. Why couldn't have this been done in office or with a regular radiologist?

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