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What does an MRI angiography show?

My doctor told me that I must have an MRI angiography soon. What is it? What does an MRI angiography show?

Will a breast x-ray spot any tumors?

Doctors scanned my breast for any abnormalities. How effective are these scans? Will they detect tumors?

What is a lung PET scan?

My dad is 50 year old. He is a smoker, and he's getting this scan soon. What should he do to prepare?

Breast mammogram vs. breast ultrasound for tumors?

I wanted to do a breast ultrasound to examine my breasts for lumps or tumors, but my doctor ordered a mammogram instead. Are mammograms better for detecting tumors or anything...

Is it safe to have an MRI performed if pregnant?

I'm pregnant and I need to have an MRI for my knee. But are MRIs safe for women in their first trimester of pregnancy? Does it use any radiation?

Are all lung lesions cancerous?

My doctor ran a chest x-ray to look for tumors, and didn't find any. Now he wants to give me a CT scan to check for 'lesions'. What do we do if he finds one?

What is a lung PET scan?

What does a PET scan for the lungs involve? My grandpa is getting this scan soon for his lungs to see if he might have a tumor in his lungs. Must he prepare somehow to this scan?...

Are there any imaging tests for Parkinson's disease?

My father was experiencing tremors in his hands. We took him to his doctor, who is now referring him to a neurologist because he believes that it could be Parkinson's disease....

How is Alzheimer's diagnosed with a PET scan?

My grandmother didn't do well on her memory test, and her doctors want to see if she has Alzheimer's disease by using a PET scan. How is Alzheimer's diagnosed through a PET?

What does a chest scan reveal for a cough?

My doctor wants me to have a chest scan because of a chronic cough that I've been dealing with for the past two weeks. My sinuses do feel. . . off, and he feels like a scan would...

What tests are needed for kidney stones?

My husband is in so much pain, all over the place, but it's mainly on his left side where his kidneys would be, so I think it's kidney stones. If it is kidney stones, what tests...

What should I do to prepare for a PET scan?

I have to get a PET scan because I've been having a lot of migraines lately. Is there anything that I should do to prepare for one?

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