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Is interventional radiology treatment used on uterine fibroids?

I'm 40 years old and I was diagnosed with uterine fibroids. Is interventional radiology used to treat this?

What does an MRI angiography show?

My doctor told me that I must have an MRI angiography soon. What is it? What does an MRI angiography show?

Can an MRI angiography show blocked blood vessels?

My doctor referred me to have a magnetic resonance angiography after I told him I experienced some numbness in my foot. Will this help doctors determine why?

Is external beam radiotherapy dangerous?

I will have external beam radiotherapy done on a part of my body for a tumor. But is it dangerous?

Can interventional radiology treatment help people with liver cancer live?

My friend has liver cancer, and is going to interventional radiologist to have treatment that's minimally invasive. Would this treatment help his doctors manage his cancer? Are...

How common is external beam radiotherapy?

My doctors think I should consider external beam radiotherapy for my cancer treatment, but I want to know all of my options. Is anything more commonly used for radiotherapy?...

Are there any side effects of iodine contrast?

Since my procedure, I've been experiencing a slight headache that comes and goes. I know my doctor used iodine-based contrast, but he didn't tell me if I would experience any...

What procedures are usually done in interventional radiology?

I understand that radiology is a diverse field, with multiple sub-specialties within it. But I'm very curious about interventional radiology and what it's all about. What procedures...

High heart rate after MRI. Is this normal?

After my MRI, I was experiencing a higher heart rate than normal. Luckily, this was in the hospital so they noticed it right away. But, I'm just wondering, is it normal to experience...

What is an angioplasty like through interventional radiology?

I need to have an angioplasty, and my doctor would rather do this through interventional radiology because it's less invasive. What is the procedure going to involve?

Is vascular radiology a better treatment for deep vein thrombosis?

I have an issue with deep vein thrombosis and I want to do something that is minimally invasive. Should I look into vascular/interventional radiology as an option?

Why should I consider interventional radiology?

My doctor thinks I should go for interventional radiology to treat a tumor that I have on my leg. He says it's less invasive than having surgery for it. I mean, I do agree with...

What is the best way to treat the internal pain that I am suffering from?

I am experiencing a lot of pain in my abdomen, but I'm not really able to find the source of the pain. Can radiation therapy help me locate the pain, and treat it?

Is a biopsy done through radiology?

How is a biopsy procedure carried out? Is it done through radiology or is it a surgical procedure?

What tests can indicate the reason for my chest congestion?

I am having severe chest congestion. I have done an X-ray but that hasn't indicated anything significant. What tests can I do to know the reason behind my chest congestion?

Is an MRI scan painful?

I am scheduled to get an MRI scan done but I am scared since I am doing this for the first time. Is this scan painful?

Is radiotherapy an alternative to chemotherapy?

For cancer treatment, is radiotherapy an alternative option for chemotherapy? What factors determine that a cancer would be treated with radiotherapy instead?

What can happen if varicose veins are left untreated?

If I don’t get my varicose veins problem treated, what repercussions can it have?

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