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always tired

I have been using bipap for about 5 years, and even though it never made me want to jump through hoops like some people said it did for them, it did help. But now I use it EVERYTIME,...

What can I do to help with my insomnia?

I have been suffering with insomnia for the past 5 years. I have tried sleeping pills, melatonin, and sleepy tea. Nothing seems to help me. What else can I try to help this?...

My mother has narcolepsy since the last 10 days all of a sudden. How can it be treated?

My mother is 72 years old and keeps falling asleep at random times of the day, kind of like narcolepsy. But I'm not sure if these are symptoms of narcolepsy or if it's just part...

Could my daughter's forgetfulness be due to lack of sleep?

Lately, my daughter has been having trouble sleeping. This has been happening for a few weeks, and she's been a lot lazier and quite forgetful. Could these two things be related?...

What are the possible side effects of sleep medicines?

What are the various side effects of sleep medicines? I have insomnia and am interested in looking into the available options, but I don't want to deal with side effects. Where...

How can I treat my husband's snoring habit?

My husband snores a lot which disturbs my sleep through the night. How can we treat it?

What medicines are normally recommended to treat sleep apnea?

My mother in law is suffering from sleep apnea due to her kidney disease. Are there any medicines or approaches that can help in treating her condition?

What is the best way to treat sleepwalking?

My daughter has started to walk in her sleep, and it worries both me and my husband. Is there any treatment options?

How do you know when someone has insomnia?

I know the basics, like staying up all night. But, are there other symptoms of insomnia? How is it diagnosed?

Can yoga help with sleep?

I work in rotational shifts at my hospital, and I can't sleep because my schedule constantly changes. Can yoga help me sleep better?

Can lack of sleep cause confusion in a person?

My father is 74 years old and is complaining of sleeplessness. As a result, he is usually confused in the morning. Is confusion a common side effect of sleeplessness?

How much deep sleep is enough?

I have a sleep tracker and my deep sleep is from 15 mins and 1 hour a night.

Are there natural ways to help someone sleep better?

My mother is unable to sleep at night and she's 74 years old. We do not want her on any medication because of the side effects. Are there any natural ways to help her sleep better...

Can there be side effects from sleep medications?

My father is a hypertension patient and is unable to sleep well at night. We are planning to consult a doctor. But will sleep medication have any side effects?

What is cataplexy? How can it be treated?

My friend has recently been diagnosed with cataplexy. Can you please explain this condition to me, and what the treatment would be like? I've never even heard of it before and...

What are the main causes of night terrors?

My husband wakes up suddenly in the middle of the night because of night terrors. I'm pretty these are night terrors, too, because he doesn't remember what he dreamt and wakes...

I hear vague noises in my head when I sleep. It disturbs me. What can I do?

Is there a medicine for peaceful and sound sleep? I hear very vague sounds and noises in my head when I try to sleep. They wake me up and I know the noises aren't happening in...

What could be the side effects of sleeping pills in the long run?

My wife has been on sleeping pills for the past month. Though she gets good sleep i am worried about the side effects of such pills. She takes Unisom.

What is the treatment for hypopnea syndrome?

My mother has recently developed hypopnea, and it's beginning to worry me. Is there any treatment for this?

Is an extreme urge to nap in the afternoon a problem?

I have a tendency to nap in the afternoon. I feel very tired if I am not able to get an afternoon sleep. But I don't know anyone else my age who does this. Because I work two...

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