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How much water should one consume after playing?

Just after a game, what is the right amount of water that I should have to avoid being dehydrated?

Can I use a compression wrap for a wrist injury?

I fell down on my hand and now my wrist hurts. The pain isn't sharp but it's constant and dull. Is it advisable to use a compression wrap for my injury?

Is it advisable for a heavier person to start weight lifting?

I am overweight and have just started going to the gym. The trainer has asked me to do some lifting. But does this pose an extra risk to my joints? I am 6'2" and 340 lb.

How can I cope with a high intesity cardio workout?

My trainer has started me on a high intensity cardio workout. However, I feel very breathless and a little dizzy. What can I do to cope with these workouts better?

My daughter is into gymnastics. What supplements can I give her to improve her stamina?

My daughter is 8 years old and is into gymnastics. She often complains of being tired. What health supplements can I give her to improve her stamina?

How are pulled muscles treated while lifting weights?

I pulled a muscle while lifting weights in the gym. I applied hot and cold packs on my arm, however the pain is still there. How should I manage this?

How can I manage my blood sugar while running?

I am a runner and have recently been diagnosed with diabetes. I have started taking medication for it, however, in my last run my sugar level dropped and I couldn’t complete my...

How can I increase my strength to play cricket?

I know I have lacking in strength, like I can barely play a good game of softball. Is there anything I could to improve my strength?

What does sports rehabilitation include?

What exactly is sports rehabilitation? My son was recommended this by his coach after an injury. What problems does sports rehab typically treat?

How can I treat cramps while running?

As I run, I tend to get cramps in my feet which slows down my pace. What could be the reason for this? How should I treat these cramps?

Are there any anti-inflammatory medicines I can take after running?

I have been noticing that my knees swell up after I run. Is there any anti-inflammatory medication that can bring down this swelling?

How should I prevent any knee injuries while playing hockey?

I play hockey almost every season, whether it's on rollerblades and skates. I wear knee pads but I feel like they're not enough to prevent any injuries. What should I do to prevent...

I have sore knees from running. Will ice compression help?

I ran a marathon just yesterday and I ended up with sore knees. They felt fine yesterday but today I woke up sore. Will ice compression help me?

Left shoulder wider than right shoulder. What are the possible reasons?

As stated in the title my left shoulder is wider than my right, it is not a small difference either. I am 21 years old, right handed, I go to the gym and my right shoulder will...

How long should I wait before eating after finishing a game?

I play football. How long after each game should I wait before eating anything?

My husband has a sharp pain in his feet from playing football. What can he do?

My husband played football last weekend and gradually he has been getting a sharp pain in his feet. What can be done to treat this now? Is it too late?

Is it safe to play badminton after a hand fracture?

My husband fractured his hand because of a fall. His cast is now out since last week, and now he wants to go back to playing on his badminton team. Is it safe for him?

While swimming I hit my head on the wall. What should I do?

I was swimming yesterday evening and I ended up hitting my head on the wall. It's still hurting, especially when I touch it. What should I do?

Is an ankle sprain serious?

I fell while playing tennis and sprained my ankle. I immediately applied an ice pack and tied the sprain with bandage. But could this still be serious?

I have sharp knee pain after doing squats in the gym. What should I do?

I have developed sharp knee pain 2 days after doing squats in the gym. What should I do for it?

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