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Is laser treatment for varicose veins safe?

I have varicose veins on my calves and I would really like to get rid of them. I'm debating on getting laser treatment for them because I heard it works well--but I'm just not...

What are the symptoms of deep vein thrombosis?

Other than appearance, are there any other symptoms of deep vein thrombosis? Would there be any pain?

Is vascular radiology a better treatment for deep vein thrombosis?

I have an issue with deep vein thrombosis and I want to do something that is minimally invasive. Should I look into vascular/interventional radiology as an option?

Is there a natural treatment for varicose veins?

I have been suffering from varicose veins for years. Are there any natural treatments for varicose veins?

Should I consider vein stripping for spider veins?

I have spider veins across my thighs and I really want them gone. Should I consider vein stripping?

What is the treatment for deep vein thrombosis?

My mother has been diagnosed with deep vein thrombosis, and according to her, it isn't a serious condition at all. But she won't tell me the treatment. What is the usual course...

Are there natural ways to treat varicose veins?

My father is suffering from varicose veins. Are there any natural remedies that can help in treating this condition faster? I want to avoid surgery.

What can happen if varicose veins are left untreated?

If I don’t get my varicose veins problem treated, what repercussions can it have?

What does laser treatment usually involve?

I have deep vein thrombosis and I'm planning to have laser treatment to treat it. How is procedure usually performed?

Can I get rid of spider veins without surgery?

Do spider veins always require surgery? I noticed that I had them on my legs awhile back, and while I'm not in too much pain, I do want to get rid of them. Is there another way...

I notice that I have spider veins on my legs. How is this treated?

How are spider veins typically treated? They're on my legs and they're causing me to have quite a bit of pain. Is it usually with surgery? Is it invasive?

What is the treatment for peripheral arterial disease?

My mother has been diagnosed with peripheral arterial disease. What can be done for this?

Do medicines help in treating varicose veins?

My sister is 36 years old and has had an issue with varicose veins ever since giving birth to her first child. Is there any medication to treat this? She doesn't want to resort...

What are the risks involved in vascular surgery?

My mother is 72 years old and is going to have vascular surgery in a few weeks. She has diabetes, as well as high blood pressure. The doctor has only spoken to her about the...

My father has blood clots in his legs. What should be the course of treatment?

My father is 74 years old and has hypertension, which is causing him to have blood clots in his legs. What do you suggest should be the course of treatment for him?

What is the recovery period after a vascular surgery?

My father needs to have vascular surgery for his large abdominal aortic aneurysm. He is pretty active, and wants to be back playing on his softball team after the surgery, only...

Should 90 year old mother with dementia travel abroad for 6 weeks?

I'm thinking of taking my mother to Spain for 6 weeks on holiday. She had crescendo TIAs 10 months ago, all on the same day. She is 90 years old and was diagnosed at the time...

Why do I feel pain in my nerves while lifting weight?

Every time I am in the gym lifting weights, I feel like I'm experiencing something like nerve pain. Why is this happening to me?

How will my life change after bypass surgery?

I am undergoing bypass surgery in a month or so. I am very nervous and want to hear from as many doctors I can about how different my life will be afterward.

How are blood clots in the veins diagnosed?

I have a family history of blood clots, and I recently read about a condition called deep vein thrombosis after researching possible causes of blood clotting in the body. How...

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