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Symptoms following bilateral inguinal hernia surgery?

I had bilateral inguinal hernia surgery. It feels like something is "stuck" at the very top of my hip where the surgery was performed. What is this? It feels like something is "stuck" or not able to "move freely" as it once did. Did the surgeon accidentally snag a lymph node or something? Why would it feel like something is "stuck" up there and will it go away? It feels like a hernia but I know I just got repaired for that.

Male | 32 years old
Complaint duration: 4
Conditions: inguinal hernia

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It could be a number of different things, and evaluation by a hernia specialist could help determine the cause.
After inguinal hernia repair, there are many reasons for a full feeling of inflamed regions. Most common is simply the incision healing - which takes 8 weeks. Second is the body's expected reaction to mesh which also takes several weeks to resolve. Lastly, is a small seroma/hematoma- near the prior hernia sac. These are benign fluid collections that slowly resolve in the first two months.
Hello. well first of all, did you ask your surgeon about this? They are in a better position to answer this question than I am because they know what procedure was used for your repair. I doubt that it was a lymph node it is more likely a stitch or staple and there can be simple ways to fix this. Contact your surgeon for help with this matter.

Some sensations can be normal. You need to make sure you follow up with your surgeon.

Sarah Ducharme
This could be adhesion from Surgery or a clip used in Surgery. Start Acupuncture with Moxibustion. Eventually, may need a MRI. Discuss with Surgeon.
Firstly, talk to your surgeon who performed the surgery. He would have confirmation of something causing that, or what may feel like that but " is really..."