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Thick nail?

About 9 years ago I had ingrown toenail removal surgery done on both my big toes and ever since then the nail on my big toes grows thick but not out or long. They have a lot of what looks like dead white skin underneath them. I removed one of them myself like I usually do every year and a half.

Male | 24 years old

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Your nails probably are fungal which causes them to be loose from the nail bed and they should be removed permanently
Ingrown nail surgery can, sometimes, injure the nail bed and the nail growing cells, called the Matrix. If this happens, as the nail regrows, while the matrix is in a weakened (healing) state, nail fungus can be introduced into the matrix and can cause a thicker, discolored, malgrowing portion or total nail. I recommend using an over-the-counter fungal nail liquid, Even Tea Tree Oil will help to grow a more normal looking nail. However, using any of the treatments can take 6 to 10 months to produce to better looking nail. Thank you.
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It could be that you have nail fungus. The only way to determine that is with a visit to your doctor.
Sometimes when doing a permanent procedure the acid does not fully take in some areas and you grow what’s called a spicule. I would usually redo the procedure and do an extra application of the acid.
There seems to be some injury to the nail bed, which is the tissue under the nail. I recommend you make an appointment with a foot and ankle surgeon (podiatrist) to discuss all your options
You have likely developed nail fungus-possibly secondary to having the nail procedure, or possibly secondary to simply contracting the fungus, which is common in patients even without such a procedure. A Podiatrist can take a clipping of your nail as a biopsy and send it for pathologic examination to see if they can identify fungus in the nail, and the. You can be treated, accordingly
Likely the procedure if it was not permanent did not take and you would need to have it done again. The thickness is likely fungus and could try medication to get rid of that, or if you do not want the nails do a permanent nail removal.
Thick nails are often caused by fungal infection. Your local dermatologist can perform a simple test to determine if this is indeed the cause of your nail problem.  

Steve Schleicher