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Throbbing pain on the sides of my feet?

I have been running for a month now and I am experiencing major throbbing pain in my feet. Mainly on the sides of my feet, it hurts very badly. I can see large, blue veins on the side of my feet. I do not have any medications or a family history of anything like this. How can I make the pain go away so that I can go back to running? I can not run or walk properly.


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This is most likely a biomechanical problem that manifests itself by putting pressure on the outside of your feet. A good podiatrist will evaluate your situation and place you in a corrective device that should help.
It could be you have strained the tendons that are over on that side of the foot. I would look at a different shoe as well, some shoes are not made for certain foot structures. A flatter foot does better with a Brooks Adrenaline or ASICS kayano. A higher arch foot does better with a cushion shoe like a Hoka Bondi or a New Balance shoe.
The first thing I would try is getting some good orthotics. (DO NOT GO TO THE GOOD FEET STORE! THEY CHARGE VERY HIGH PRICES FOR VERY CHEAP DEVICES! YOU CAN GO TO A PODIATRIST AND GET ACTUAL CUSTOM DEVICES FOR WHAT THEY CHARGE FOR WEAK AND CHEAP ALTERNATIVES!). Orthotics help to position your tendons and joints in better anatomic alignment for more proper and better function, and often alleviate the types of pain you are mentioning. The vein issue is probably completely separate from your pain, or the veins may appear more prominent secondary to swelling from whatever irritation is going on in your feet. You can take oral anti-inflammatory medications at an anti-inflammatory dosage (you must take certain amounts of certain medications to eliminate inflammation, which is the cause of pain). You can also ice after exercise. If those things don't help, seek professional evaluation from a local Podiatrist
Hello. If you are an avid runner make sure you do calf stretches before running. Also get a good set of arch supports such as super feet or new balance

Dr. Lui
It sounds like you're developing tendon or ligament strains from running and needs better support to protected those structures. An orthotics and new shoes are a good start
Needs to be evaluated thoroughly. Too many possible causes to speculate
Before any answer can be given to you, you need to make an appointment with your primary care physician, or a foot and ankle surgeon so they can evaluate how your feet are working while you are running. Also, possibly a custom-made foot orthotic, not an over-the-counter arch support would be very beneficial and get you back to running.

Thank you,

Dr. Mark R. Gorman
Dear I Have Throbbing Pain On the Sides of My Feet,

Are you wearing proper style and fitting running shoes? Every foot and shoe is narrow in the arch getting to the widest just behind the toes. The widest part of the foot ( the big toe joint) should be adjacent to the widest part of the shoe. If this is the case, there should be a space between the longest toe and the end of the shoe, about the width of your thumb. No part of the upper shoe should touch your toes. The shoe should be snug in the area of the laces and the heel to avoid slipping out of the she not by hugging the toes. The sole of the shoe should be firm and rigid, not loose like a slipper. The sole should resist twisting and only bend upward at the base of the toes not in the arch area. There should be a rigid heel cup made of plastic that you can’t crouch with your fingers if you attempt to squeeze it from side to side. If you still have pain, you can try an over-the-counter arch support while waiting to get an appointment with your sports medicine Foot and Ankle specialist in your area.

Jan David Tepper, DPM, FACFAS
It sounds like you may have a mechanical issue. You should be evaluated by your podiatrist. A biomechanical evaluation should shed some light as to why you are experiencing this problem and provide a solution
This is a lot more complicated. I would at first get an ultrasound study of the veins and arteries. Seems like you have low blood flow.
Without knowing further information, it would be irresponsible to accurately diagnose exactly what is going on. Remember, accurate diagnoses for proper diagnosis is necessary for proper treatment. I do think it is safe to say that whatever was going on was created or exacerbated by running. Best advice is to see a foot doctor for an examination.

Thank You,

Jay Mermelstein, DPM PC