Audiologist Questions Tinnitus

Tinnitus treatment?

I have a terrible high-pitched ringing in my left ear, and a "rushing sound" in my right ear. These are driving me nuts. Is there any treatment other than the "snake oil" treatments pedaled on the internet?

Male | 70 years old
Complaint duration: Several Months
Medications: Many
Conditions: Arthritis & Psoriasis

4 Answers

Get an audiology test to see if there's a hearing loss associated with your tinnitus. A hearing aid would help drown out the tinnitus and help you with hearing if necessary.
I would suggest starting with a hearing test. This will determine if you have hearing loss and the possible cause of the sounds in your ears, which is called tinnitus.

I would recommend coming into the ENT Specialist in order to be evaluated.

Dr. D
Unfortunately, there is no medical or surgical intervention that has been shown to be effective for treatment of high-pitched ringing. Acoustic sedation measures of the best methodology as well as potentially biofeedback mechanisms. Over-the-counter medications are not useful.