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Toenail surgery?

I’ve had an ingrown toenail surgery and the doctor told me that the bandage will be first replaced in a follow-up session in five days. I thought it was supposed to be replaced after 2 days. Do I have to wait for five days?

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After toe nail surgery, there should be a soaking regiment done. The dressing should be changed every day up to 3 days unless there is no excessive drainage. You should soak for a week and allow the toe to breathe.
You should change it the morning after. Soak the toe in epsom salts +water for 10 min and then shower, then cover with bandaid. Repeat daily until drainage stops.
Not soak after major surgery but bandages off day 3
This is a question that I cannot answer. This needs to be discussed with the physician. Each physician has a different post-ingrown toenail protocol. If that is what your physician suggested, I would proceed, or at least ask him the question.

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Dr. Gorman
You should be removing the dressing within 2 days of procedure to avoid an infection.
Different surgeons have different protocols. Ask the surgeon.
The way each doctor handles his patients and his post-operative procedures is up to the individual doctor. And it depends on what type of toenail surgery you had. If you had a 'sharp' toenail procedure and the physician used stitches, it will have to remain coverd and stay dry. If you had a more traditional toenail procedure without stitches, in my practice, the patient is soaking his foot and changing the bandages twice a day and then follows up in 2 weeks. I can not tell you to change the instructions your physician gave to you without knowing what was done specifically.
Every doctor has their own protocol. It partially depends upon which procedure you had done too.
I would follow your doctor's instructions. If you are unsure, call the office to confirm.
The dressing change will likely depend on what procedure was performed. If your doctor recommended 5 days and you are unsure, I would call the office to clarify