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What are the causes of psychological stress?

I am a 33 year old male. I want to know what are the causes of psychological stress?

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Short answer to a very complex question: when anyone feels unequipped or threatened by a situation, they become stressed. Direction to go? Ask for help!


Dr. Marian Shapiro
Hello, thank you for your question, this is Dr. Ronnie Siddique,

Psychological stress can be caused by many different sources, usually more than one at a time. These can include underlying anxiety or depressive disorders, an overload of personal responsibilities, sleep deprivation, lack of mental and physical self-care, environmental factors like racism or emotional abuse, and physical problems.


Dr. Ronnie Siddique
Psychological stress is caused by the mind coding situations or events as a threat to survival or wellbeing and triggering primitive emotional responses in an attempt to get you to do something immediately to neutralize the threat, which is usually either not possible or would create an even worse threat. We feel threatened and stuck and our body gets the brunt of it. The only time we can do anything is now and we can only do it here. A lot of the things we feel threatened by don't physically exist, aren't happening now, aren't happening here or very near, and there's nothing we can skillfully do, and yet the mind is pushing the GET GOING! gas pedal anyway.
I hope this is helpful.
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