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What can I do to prevent amputation?

I started to experience numbness and a tingling feeling in my left foot, and I also have diabetes. I have a feeling that this could be the onset of diabetic neuropathy, but I didn't get it officially diagnosed yet. If this is neuropathy, what can I do to prevent amputation?

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Checking your feet ALL the time. Using diabetic shoes ( very wide around the toes) and not cutting your own toenails but letting the podiatrist do it. Using diabetic socks also
Get checked first as numbness in one foot only may be a pinched nerve in your back. Diabetic neuropathy is usually bi-lateral since it is a metabolic problem. But if it is the start of diabetic neuropathy, the first & best thing is to get your diabetes in control. Diab. Neuro. is due to damage to the nerve sheath & the feeding blood vessels due to high BS. Early on it is reversible if BS brought under control & HbA1c brought down to <7 & preferably <6.5. So do whatever is needed to get the diab. under control. There are also meds that can be used so see a DR. Also pay attention to your feet. Inspect them to be sure they a clear of any abnormalities. Look at the bottoms carefully & see a Dr immediatly if you see any abnormality. If you can't see the bottoms of your feet you can get a significant other to inspect them or get one of those poles people use for "selfies" and attach a mirror. YES you can prevent amputation. In fact we are seeing a reduction in amputations because of the above care. OH get your Dr. to inspect your feet at every office visit.
Numbness and tingling indicates neuropathy. Because it is one-sided, it is more likely to be a nerve compression than diabetic neuropathy, although diabetic neuropathy is not excluded as the cause. If you have diabetic neuropathy, the way to prevent an amputation is to make sure blood sugars are controlled. At the minimum, discuss this with your doctor. She or he can help you figure it out.