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What is the best cooking oil that I should be using for my family?

My husband and I both have high cholesterol. Could you please suggest the best oil I should use for my family's health? I don't use oil a lot - mostly just when sauteeing or roasting things. I use vegetable and olive oil.

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The studies show that olive oil is one of the best.
You mentioned high cholesterol as being the reason for the choice of oil that is been used.
High Cholesterol can be from external sources (food) and from internal source (genetically determined by and produced by our own bodies).
Some external sources are red meat, lobsters, and fatty meats including chicken skin. Most plant based foods has no cholesterol and has good fat which will help your body just as exercise will do.
Your choice of Olive and Vegetable oil on occasion is good but tell your Dr. to help you lower your cholesterol levels as there are medications which will do so. This is to avoid medical issues in the future.

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Olive oil or flaxseed oil
Most experts agree the best cooking oils are olive oil and coconut oil. Be careful of other vegetable oils, because they may be polyunsaturated, have trans fats, and can break down with heat, evoke rancid, and even be inflammatory to the body.
Olive oil. Canola oil, Flaxseed oil, Avocado oil.
Olive oil is good for adding to salads, etc., raw. For cooking, use canola or coconut oil.