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What is the best physical therapy after back surgery?

I had back surgery 10 days ago. What is the best physical therapy after back surgery?

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It’s depend on the problem
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You likely need core stabilization with Pelvic floor PT and hip strength as well as breath work
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The most effective physical therapy after back surgery depends on the type of surgery, the specific condition being treated, and individual patient needs. Generally, physical therapy focuses on improving strength, flexibility, and mobility while reducing pain. Common exercises include gentle stretching, core strengthening, and gradual progression to more challenging activities. The goal is to enhance healing, restore function, and prevent future issues. Your surgeon and physical therapist will work together to create a tailored plan that suits your unique situation, ensuring the best possible outcome for your recovery..
The answer is: it depends. It's very dependent on the type of surgery you had. There are many different surgeries including but not limited to: decompression, fusion, disc replacement, microdiscectomy, etc. Each of those have their own nuances and the type of therapy you receive after is dependent on that.